The proposed Climate Treaty and the UN’s “Defamation of Religions” resolution plus Apostate “Christians” all threaten to cripple and even criminalize the work of God…

Part 1 of 3

By Eric Barger

Updated December 10, 2009

It is no secret that the ability of believers to present the authentic Christian faith is under attack on many fronts today. However, the free speech and liberty American Christians have long enjoyed to evangelize, give a biblical defense of the faith (apologetics) and to expose false beliefs (polemics) could very possibly soon be hampered as never before since the founding of the republic 200+ years ago.

There are two proposed international treaties being promoted at this time which could, for differing reasons, greatly reduce the Church’s ability to carry out “The Great Commission” found in Matthew 28:19-20. Concerned Christians should take serious note that one of the treaties I’ll discuss here could conceivably curtail or even criminalize the making of public declarations such as “Jesus is the only way.” One doesn’t have to look far to find nations where Christianity cannot be practiced openly today. Plus, in a world increasingly hostile toward the Gospel message, it is also easy to imagine how our politically correct society might welcome the implementation of such policies. These two situations are particularly egregious and deserve our serious attention - and our prayers - for I believe that these treaties are a foretaste of what life might be like at some point in the future under the Antichrist.


Though the United States avoided taking the hit that the Kyoto Protocol would have delivered (President George W. Bush did not sign), we may not be able to avoid what is ahead of us with the convening of the Copenhagen Climate Conference this week in Denmark. Sight unseen, President Obama has stated that he would go to Copenhagen and sign the treaty if an agreement could be reached. Well, of course he would. It is expected of him to perform thusly by the crowd who saw fit to award him the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis that he had thus far accomplished nothing. Obama’s economic plan for America reaches many years into his past as he’s drawn upon what can only be deemed as socialism, bent on punishing the United States for being, well, uh, the United States. If he signs Copenhagen (or a similar treaty), Obama will precipitate (no, actually he’ll just continue) the largest redistribution of wealth in the history of mankind to those who did nothing to earn it. We have no reason to believe he’ll change, for Obama’s actions have been consistent in placing internationalism before the Constitution he’s actually sworn to uphold.

Gratefully, we may have more time to try to alert the public as to what an enforceable Copenhagen-like treaty would really mean. It now appears that the December meeting may be little more than a well-publicized planning session to hammer the idea home that the developed world is responsible for the alleged destruction of the planet. Regardless of astounding scientific evidence to the contrary, the media will help the globalists convey the propaganda that there must be a binding system of penalties to curb carbon emissions - or else! Those pushing their agenda at Copenhagen will of course cite the “evil” developed and capitalistic countries and “greedy” multinational corporations as the culprits for our impending planetary doom. It will be deduced that those responsible must be forced to give up huge portions of their wealth - and freedom - all in the name of saving the planet. If you think you’re sick of hearing the word “green” now, just give it a little time!

Though Obama campaigned on the premise that “delay is not an option” when it comes to stemming the alleged rising of sea levels, shrinking of coastlines and destruction of polar bears, it is believed that the global warming hysteria has been met with enough scientific and intellectual opposition that the alleged threat has lost some of its scare-appeal - and support - among the U.S. public. Perhaps the most crippling blow to the theory of manmade global warming occurred just before we began producing the printed version of this report. In late November, revelations surfaced through a series of over 1,000 intercepted emails that the leading scientists pushing global warming scenarios have for years knowingly used incomplete and manipulated data to prove their claims. Besides the possibility of how these specious findings have already affected economies, these emails show the vicious and political nature of the politically correct elite in the global warming debate. Knowing it is nothing more than an elaborate hoax, some receiving large grants (and the accompanying notoriety) have refused to release all of their methods and findings, even threatening those who challenge or opposed their theories. We need to pray that “Climate Gate” will expose those involved and that honest scientists will denounce their peers who have perpetrated the notion that the byproducts of civilization’s modern existence is causing the earth to warm at a catastrophic rate.

Regardless of these new revelations - which now indict prominent “green” scientists for cooking the books instead of mankind for cooking the earth - those involved with the Copenhagen meeting have been on a roll and are certainly not going to just fade away. As could be expected, the political left (led by the President and the White House staff) are standing by manmade global warming like a dog over a bone. Their political future - at least the socialist agenda they’d hoped to impose on the world in part by promoting this hoax - is in jeopardy and, regardless of the facts, they aren’t backing down now. After all, some of them have been working on this since way back, when living in a commune, reading the Communist Manifesto, following the Maharishi, stoned on LSD and claiming their lava lamp communicated secret messages from Mother Earth!

Ah, but wait, on Wednesday, December 9, The Christian Post reported the following:

Prominent evangelical leaders along with representatives of other religions are attending the United Nations summit on climate change in Copenhagen this week, where they aim to persuade global leaders to support cuts in carbon emissions.

Among the evangelical figures present in Copenhagen are Richard Cizik, former vice president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Jim Ball, a leader at the Evangelical Environmental Network.

Mainline church leaders who are at the summit include Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual head of the Anglican Communion; Desmond Tutu, an archbishop emeritus of the Anglican Communion and Nobel Peace Prize laureate; and leaders of the National Council of Churches, according to USA Today.

It is no shock that Cizik is involved. His outspoken views touting global warming as absolute fact had made him an extremely polarizing figure in the evangelical movement for several years. Then, in December, 2008, he resigned from his post at the NAE amid the controversy created when he admitted to supporting same-sex civil unions and that his views were shifting on gay marriage. (Source Here, Source Here)

The Evangelical Environmental Network was founded in 1993 by neo-evangelical, Ron Sider, to lobby and promote "left-leaning politics from within a conservative theological framework." (Source Here)

Just as when it is used as a descriptor of Emergent Church leaders, the term "evangelical" in reference to these folks is truly a double entendre.

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