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Examining the
Purpose Driven Philosophy

Examining the Purpose Driven Philosophy
by Eric Barger

One of the most important items we've ever produced.

“As I’ve traveled the world the last two years in ministers’ conferences, I’ve seen the havoc which that ministry (Rick Warren’s) has caused…It (the Purpose Driven Church philosophy) simply does not work. I'm not about to put up a silly skit and preach a 15 minute message on 'how to cope' to a multitude of people who are dying and going to hell. I tremble at the thought.”
– Pastor David Wilkerson,
New York

“…the thrust of the book (The Purpose Driven Life) is at odds with the message of Scripture…the true gospel is a call to self-denial, not self-fulfillment. The gospel is a message about redemption, not about life's purpose.”
– Pastor John MacArthur Jr,


- The Purpose Driven Life vs. the biblical Plan of Salvation
- How the "Seeker Sensitive" Church Growth Movement is leading people (and entire churches) away from God
- Rick Warren's stand against the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith
- Does God live in "everything" as Dr. Warren contends?
- What is "Scripture Fishing?"
- How to spot false teachers and false teaching

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