Are You A
Faith Defender?

Are You A Faith Defender?
Giving Every Man An Answer

The Bible implores every believers to stand by, stand with, and stand for the authentic faith "once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3). However, sincere Christians experience doubt and confusion when it comes to “apologetics” or “polemics.” In this new DVD teaching, Eric Barger systematically reviews Scripture and Church history to help equip you in being a “Faith Defender.”

What determines if a belief is cultic or Christian? At what level can or should disagreement on doctrine or practice become error or be considered "false teaching?" All doctrine is important, but are there peripheral or non-essential doctrines in Christianity? If so, what are the central or essential doctrines of biblical faith and at what point does should a Christian separate from others when differences arise?

Don't be confused or relegate the defense of the faith to the so-called "intellectual elite." "Are You A Faith Defender?" will equip you to spot those promoting error or redefining truth, help you recognize actual discernment (delineating it from those pushing an agenda), and will above all encourage you to become a more grounded, effective witness in our world!

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