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Crescent Moon Rising

CRESCENT MOON RISING The Islamic Invasion of America by Ed Decker

"Of all of the fine books on Islam, Ed Decker has captured the essence of everything Believers need to know to understand this important and daunting topic." - Eric Barger

Foreword from Crescent Moon Rising

Upon receiving Ed Decker's new book, Crescent Moon Rising, I was extremely impressed with both the depth and the breadth of his coverage on this very pertinent topic. Having read numerous secular and Christian books on the topic of Islam, I don't believe I have seen one as thoughtful and thorough as Crescent Moon Rising.

Decker's newest work is a clarion call to both Christians and concerned Americans concerning the believes and actual intent set forth by Muhammad in the seventh century.

The reader will understand that behind the facade that seeks to portray Islam as a "religion of peace," there is but one motive that it's ancient founder and now 21st century adherents ascribe to: complete religious and political domination of the non-Muslim infidel wherever they may be.

I suggest the Western world must quickly wake up to that truth before it is too late.

May Jehovah God use this book as a tool to do just that in the lives of many.

Eric Barger
Take A Stand! Ministries

Table of Contents

Opening the gates to the Enemy 1
Has America Lost its Soul? 2
How Did We Become an Anti-Christ Nation? 3
Remembering September, 11, 2001 4
If Just a tenth of a Tenth 5
Accidently Stirring up wrath 6
The Faith of Mohammed 7
To The Muslim Reader 8
Islam Across the World 9
A People Cut off from a Christian World View 10
A 7Th Century People in a 21st Century World 11
The Women of Islam 12
The Gods of the 7th Century 13
The New Age of Islam Begins 14
Sharia Law 15
The Six Beliefs of Islam 16
The Five Pillars of Islam 17
Islam and Christianity Compared 18
Is Allah a Different God? Is He a Pagan Deity? 19
Islam and Freemasonry 20
It is a Mystery to Me 21
Jesus and Mohammed 22
The Holy Jihad: the Way of Life and Death. 23
A Holy War fought to the death No compromise. 24
Yes, Terrorism is all About Islam 25
Is The Jihad Really the Core of Islamic Doctrine? 26
Beyond the Jihad: apocalyptic Islam 27
The Glory of Martyrdom A Holy Death 28
The Words of Winston Churchill 29
Finally, Brethren. 30
Witnessing to Muslims 31
A Call to Arms 32

146 page book

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