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Are Mormons Christians?

Are Mormons Christians?
A Biblical Comparison of Mormon and Christian Doctrine
by Eric Barger

You've probably heard Mormons proclaim that they are Christians. But their sincerity and moral attitudes aside, the Mormon version of Jesus, who was one of many gods and who became a god, is incapable of saving anyone from eternal judgment. Besides the biblical admonition for Christians to test all religious systems, this video will bring to light the facts on Mormonism, their foundation, leaders, and history.

Drawing from 30 years of research and experience, this is Eric Barger's first DVD presentation on Mormonism. In it, Eric carefully documents and exposes the flaws that forever separate Mormonism from authentic, biblical Christianity.

- Overview of Mormon History
- Joseph Smith & his prophecies examined
- Mormon Jesus vs. the biblical Jesus
- Godhood for mankind?
- Mormonism and “works” salvation
- Can Mormonism redeem a soul? If not, what is their end?
- What's a Christian to do when confronted with Mormonism?

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