The Rise, Fall and
of America

The Rise, Fall and REDEMPTION of America

The Supreme Court declared America to be a "Christian Nation." But were the Founding Fathers confused deists, outright pagans, or authentic Bible-believing Christians? On what principles was America actually founded? And above all, why is it important to us today?

America is truly at a crossroads and as Eric Barger points out in the new seminar DVD, "The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of America," if we don't understand our past, what will our future be built on?

God has mightily used America, but now His hand of protection is slowly lifting. Learn what steps can be taken and just why we exist as a nation.

Newly updated and recorded in 2012, this presentation includes powerful visuals, inspirational quotes, many Scriptures, and boldly proclaims a biblical warning to our nation today.

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