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June 11, 2000

Take A Stand! Ministries Update

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Greetings and Blessings!

I'm so grateful to tell you that as of today (June 11) I have 10 chapters completed toward my new book on Spiritual Warfare! I am told that if indeed I finish by July 1 the book will be released this fall...Praise the Lord!

The next Online Newsletter will contain a special link for our subscribers to read some unedited portions of the new book. Watch your inbox in the next 2-3 weeks for an email alerting you to this.

I am also very grateful to God for the growth in my spiritual life due to the research, study and actual writing of this book. Writing from my partner's outline (my co-author is David Benoit of Glory Ministries) has been a joy. This, my forth book, is my first with another author. Judging from our 15+ year friendship Dave and I knew we'd work great together as he is an "idea man" and I'm big on details.

Thanks for your continued prayers for us as we finish this important project. In all the things I've written I have never had an urgency as I do about this project. My prayer has been, "Lord, please get this book into the hands of many...". If others grow and gain understanding about personal victory on their lives and homes as I have, the sacrifice Melanie and I have made by taking these months off the road and living on 1/3rd the usual income will have been well worth it.


Dear friend, we are very low, nearly desperate for financial help at this time.

As I stated in our April Online Newsletter, we knew it would be a struggle to survive with our main financial vehicle (our live Take A Stand! seminar series) in the shop for an overhaul. But between needing to take this season to write the book and also seek the Lord to rebuild our Seminars with fresh, important and anointed materials we knew this time off the road was justified.

Back in February when we came here to East Texas to research and write, I knew it was God's time for us. With your help we can complete the task and then head back our on the road later this year with no regrets having completed the task without financial demise...but we need your help NOW.

You - our friends and supporters who believe in us - are our ONLY source.

To some who don't know how it really goes, we have received NO up-front money to write this book and because we are stationary and not our speaking across the nation in seminars and conferences, our newsletters are the only lifeline we have to raise finances. You don't know how thankful we've been to be able to tap the food we stored in case of Y2K problems (Thank God we were spared that) but the ongoing financial needs of the ministry are PRESSING and certainly not conducive to being creative and productive.

Right now, your gift of ANY SIZE will mean so much and will stand as a reminder that we are not alone in this ministry. Please ask God what you should do and then click here to give your gift here online through our secure server or mail your check to:

Take A Stand! - POB 1485 - Rowlett, TX 75030
(We will happily receipt any gift of $5.00 or more!)


SPECIAL BOOK AND VIDEO TAPE OFFER - "Mormonism" and "Hollywood"!

Please click here for information and to order! Remember, your order helps us financial too!



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* Several new articles in the Information Resource Center. Here's where you want to go for resources on the Cults, New Age Movement, Spiritual Warfare and other issues.



* Read Ed Decker's insightful article "Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge"

* Read "Manti: The Gathering Place" a fascinating article on Mormonism from our friend and colleague Jim Spencer. An ex-Mormon, has done extensive study on the apostasy Mormonism has undergone from it's already deformed roots. You will find his insights, especially about polygamy interesting and useful in reaching Mormons.

* Holy Scriptures Ministries offers many good Christian services, links, etc. Visit them soon!

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