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Dec. 5, 2001

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Overcoming adversity is a common theme for all of us. As we all know, 2001 brought America many new trials, allowing we Christians many opportunities to present our faith and point people to Christ. Let me share with you some personal victories and challenges from our household.

First, it has been a whirlwind year for me traveling across the nation nearly non-stop. God has blessed the ministry continually and we've seen many commit their lives to Christ at our Take A Stand! seminars this year.

My book, Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion has been very well received and my two newest videos ("Harry Potter, Pokémon and Hollywood: The NEW Occult Invasion" and "The Rise, Fall and Redemption of America" have been seen by thousands. We are continuing to get so much encouraging and gratifying mail concerning these ministry tools.

Melanie and I are enjoying being grandparents beyond any description. Kaylee just turned six and Casie was five in October. What a joy and privilege to be a part of the training and growth of these two young ladies who will serve the Lord!

However, 2001 brought us not only an awareness of our national vulnerability to terrorism but some real personal and family trials too.

My father-in-law Dale developed cancer and has undergone two operations, the second to remove his bladder. Though he had life-threatening complications, he is now recovering nicely in Seattle.

I lost my beloved Grandmother in October. She was nearly 104 and though we had been prepared for her passing for some time, it is always hard to lose the woman who raised you. I miss her but I know there is a reunion ahead for she and I, as we'll some day walk the streets of gold together in God's Heaven!

Another tragedy struck close to us this year too. Just 3 weeks ago my friend Pastor Jay Hawes (Elyria, Ohio Community Church of the Nazarene) was taken suddenly in a car crash. Please remember Jay's wife, Judy and their three children in your prayers. I will miss Jay dearly and had just spent three days together with him in August.


Perhaps the biggest challenge Melanie and I face now concerns our daughter, Kellie.

Many of you remember that two years ago Kellie experienced a "mystery" infection, which resulted in extreme and debilitating chronic fatigue. During that time it came to light that she has what is commonly referred to as a "hole" in her heart. She has been tested extensively several times since the hole was discovered which concluded that she must have open-heart surgery to fix the breech before it is beyond repair. The hole is now about the size of a quarter. The operation is scheduled for early January.

Having spent a month in Seattle in October and November caring for her Dad, what is ahead will be nothing new for Melanie. Kellie is going to require 8-10 weeks of constant care so Melanie and I will be taking up the slack as Kellie's husband will probably be leaving school (micro-processor training) and taking a second job to make ends meet since Kellie will lose her income when she is operated on.

We currently live too far from Kellie, Chris and the two girls to commute 2-3 times daily. So we believe the only feasible thing to do is for our two families to acquire a house together during this traumatic period. At very least Melanie and I will have to break our current lease and relocate closer to Kellie. The catch is this: For our ministry, December is historically our lowest month for income each year.

Just making it through the slow holiday season is always a task for us as I rarely present seminars during this time of the year. If it weren't for the gifts of folks through this newsletter each year I do not know what we would have done. But this year the need could be as high as $2000 extra. This does not include any funding for the much-needed laptop computer that the ministry simply must acquire immediately.

Attempting to move right now seems overwhelming but I believe that not only is God going to provide the funds needed to move, He is going to provide for every need the ministry and our family has.

Perhaps just one person reading this has the capability to write a single year-end gift check to meet ALL the needs. I don't know for certain, but I am sure of the biblical truth that if everyone just does as the Lord impresses them to do the need will be met and the givers will be blessed. It is evident that we wouldn't have been here ministering the Word of God and challenging the Devil at every turn if God hadn't touched His saints to pray for and support our ministry all of these years.

Thank you for helping bear this burden with your December and January giving. There is no way to correctly express how grateful Melanie and I are that you are standing with us and that we are able to come before you - our friends - and transparently lay out our needs.

We praise the Lord for your partnership with us as we watch for Him in these end-days!

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I just ordered your book, "Entertaining Spirits Unaware." Thank you so much for all that important information to protect ourselves and our children and grandchildren. Praise God for both you and your co-author and for using you to keep us informed of all the occult invasion of the enemy.

- Erma, Arizona


Hello Eric!

I am so glad you had the guts to write about the Harry Potter movie at! My God daughters were reading these books, and I finally convinced their mom to throw them out! I'm sorry about the negative feedback from your review, mine was the only positive one. This shows how truly ignorant people are on this subject, and what a good job Satan has done in camouflaging this subject! Write on! By the way, your one article earned a place on my web of trust!

- Sue (from the Internet)

Dear Eric,

I wanted to touch base with you once again now that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has made its theatrical debut and appears destined to set box office records. I read your wayward review of the HP film/phenomenon and just couldn’t let your misrepresentation of this fine literary series go unchallenged. Rowling is an immensely talented writer who won’t be detracted by the onslaught of Bible-beating little fungus warts accusing her of preaching the Dark Arts. Get a clue. And stop being threatened by illusion and fantasy. It’s only a threat to the paranoid, simple-minded and idle-handed.

- Larry (from the Internet)

"Thanks Eric…"
...for standing up to compromise in a winsome and unique way. I don't sense judgement in your call to stand against Harry Potter but, rather, a true concern for the Lord Jesus Christ - a love for Him...May God give you grace for what you have endured (in your past) and what you will surely endure from a shallow Church that needs to be called back to her Master! Please know that (1) you are not alone. (2) many others are concerned with compromise, as you've also stated (3) thousands upon thousands upon millions need the clear concise argumentation that your articles seem to offer about this kind of topic. It's so easy for people to be swept into innocent sounding arguments that lead directly to compromise because they don't want
to take the time to think and to reason and to see what the Scripture says and what the real issues are.

I love what you said about "Potter enabler" because that leads directly to a discussion about "what does it look like to compromise." It is true that we believers, MYSELF INCLUDED, to be sure "enable" much sin, in our own lives, in the lives of our children and families, in our friends lives and, as a result in the life of our communities and nation and world. As Lord Byron (I think this is the source) said, "Nothing promotes evil more than when
good men (people) do nothing." How true and your article directly addresses this important principle. So, once again, thank you!

Your brother in Christ in relatively unchurched Seattle - praying for true revival in my heart and in the hearts of God's people that we may see many come to Jesus for His honor and glory,

- Bruce (from the Internet)

(You can read Eric's review of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone online)


You must be kidding, right? Harry Potter? He's not a wiccan, pagan, or any other modern day equivalent. There is nothing in any of the books or the movie that suggests a belief or practice that is actually involved in modern day witch craft. I have been a serious student of all religions, finally settling on the one true faith, Christianity. I do not believe in observing Halloween, Christmas, or any other pagan-related Holiday. I know what paganism and witchcraft entail, and Harry Potter isn't it. The only thing I can see that the author, J.K. Rowling is guilty of is imagination. The things that go on in the books and the movie are pure fantasy. Any serious student of christianity knows that none of those things are possible without the help of G*D. Paganism and Wicca are empty religions that don't get results. That is why so many Pagans and Wiccans turn from the "craft" and become born again Christians. If you are a genuine seeker of Truth, you will only realize that there is one true path, and it is holding the hand of G*D. There is nothing to fear from the likes of Harry Potter; Allowing your fear that something "might" happen is blinding you to the good qualities in the movies and books: parents are spending time with their children, children are learning about bravery and friendship (I'm certain these qualities were very important to Jesus Christ), and people are finding a commonality that allows them to love themselves and each other. These are all very special and important for people who are learning how to be good Christians. It is unfortunate that modern "witches" are rallying behind Harry Potter, but that does not mean that the movie should be rejected by devout Christians. I respect your "take a stand" dogma, but I don't respect your attacks on a movie that brings families closer together. You are wrong and arrogant, and while being wrong isn't a crime against G*D, being arrogant is (shame on you).

with due Concern,
- Helene (Oklahoma)



After 18 years of researching, writing and speaking on this issue from a biblical viewpoint it never fails to baffle me how people can defend BLATANT occultism, while claiming to be "Christians."

You obviously have no understanding of Scripture on this issue. And, though claiming to be a student of it, it would also appear that you are ignorant of historic occultism as well. Harry Potter and the crew engages in nearly every occult practice from history...levitation, spells, incantations, lycanthropy (shape-shifting) to name a few. I saw the movie last night and after researching the books for the past few years, I have little to add. It was EXACTLY as I thought it would be.

Biblically, there is NO SUCH THING as "white magic." It is ALL coming from the powers of darkness to deceive and trap those willing to dabble around the edges long enough before they are lured into it.

In defending the movie, Warner Brothers said it was "an accurate portrayal of things that happen in witchcraft." They are right on that one. What a great introduction into witchcraft for kids. At very least it paints witchcraft as noble, while we Christian "muggles" are backward and nerd-like.

I won't even begin to go into all of the factual details for you in this email as I have listed so much on my web site (See "The Information Center" at and in my current book ("Entertaining Spirits Unaware") but if I were you I would go and read the strongest condemnation found in the Old Testament for ANYTHING. It is in Duet. 18: 9-12 in which God lists the Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult as abominations. Revelation 21 tells us that wizards and witches end up in the LAKE OF FIRE! Is that clear enough?

How tragic that any "Christian" family must resort to using a book series replete in cursing, relativism and overt occultism to rally around. You say I am arrogant. Why don't Christians try reading the Bible instead of Harry Potter? Is holiness and respect for God's Word arrogant?

How sad that so many know all about Harry and absolutely nothing about Scripture. God calls for his church to be separate from the works of darkness and to expose them (II Cor. 6: 14-18, Eph. 5: 10-11).

If you want your home blessed, prayers answered and in the end your soul saved, stand with God instead of defending stuff like Harry Potter. Fantasy it is - with a heavy dose of real life witchcraft inviting this generation to accept it and not Jesus.

No, Helene, on the contrary, shame on YOU.



I think you have a wonderful ministry!! May God bless you with abundant finances and favor to get the word out to the children and parents in our nation. This is big! May He give me abundant finances to buy all your stuff and pass it around!

- Shellie (from the Internet)


I got your book "Entertaining Spirits Unaware" and I'm already half way through it. It's really good. I also appreciate the autographed copy and the bible verse. I am youth leader and the material in your book is what the kids need to hear. I book marked your web site and enjoy reading your stuff. I enjoy the truths you speak and impressed how the Holy Spirit is using you. God bless and thanks again. Your Brother in Christ,

- Troy (from the Internet)


I heard an interview with Eric and Noah Hutchings on the radio and found the web site when looking for the book "Entertaining Spirits Unaware." I read some things about Harry Potter as we have a lot of people in our church and my daughter who has read them. I sent one of the articles (from your web site) to our people and got back one answer from a young woman who has read all the books to all her children. Her youngest is about 4-5 yrs of age. She was highly offended that I would suggest it was not Christian. I only asked her to read the article. I wrote back to her but she has not responded. She is very worldly and I believe there are real strongholds in our church which have been keeping it from being what God wants. Thank you for listening.

- Pat (Pastor's wife, in New Jersey)


I was able to watch your "Occult Invasion" video while I was in Oklahoma. I had heard about "Pokemon" and its meaning. Being a Christian, I was pushed away from Harry Potter by just the book's cover. Your video was very enlightening!! I have two children and praise God they are both saved, but your video has shown me how Satan has numbed me to areas in my life I wasn't even aware of. My spiritual eyes are more than ever sensitive to the ways evil is in our society, attacking our children and their generation. We moved to NH last December. I can not believe how these people think in the Northeast. Wicca is so popular here and the sense of the Holy Spirit needs to pour out and open these lost people's eyes, heart, and mind to the Lord Jesus Christ. I would love for your ministry to visit this area and please pray for these lost people. They are missing the joy of the Lord, which changes everything and everybody!!! Keep up the great work and continue to fight right where you are, the gates of hell!!!

- Maria (New Hampshire)

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