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March 15, 2000

Take A Stand! Ministries Update

Be sure to read "Mormons and Christians: How far is TOO far?" Please pray for our effective outreach to the cults as well.

Speaking of Mormonism...

One of the best tools I know of to help understand, refute and reach Mormons is Ed Decker's video tape, "Mormonism and the Law of Eternal Progression". You may know Ed from the many books he has written, including the definitive work on Mormonism, The God Makers. He's made countless radio and television appearances, is the premier living Christian apologist on Mormonism and one of the finest friends this ministry could ever have! The timeless truths Ed presents were recorded live at one of our Take A Stand! Conferences. I never fail to be challenged and blessed as I review Ed's teachings and read his articles (we have several of them posted in the Information Center). By ordering the "Mormonism and the Law of Eternal Progression" video, you will also receive a free copy of the audio tape as well. Order here!

New on our Web Site at

Again this week, I have added several new articles to the Information Center on the web site. The Information Center is a focal point for finding quick helps on the Cults, New Age, Prophecy and Current Events and many other pertinent topics.

Watch the web site in the coming days for a posting of letters we received concerning the March 5 Newsletter which dealt with Catholicism. We lost over 20 folks from the email list because of the stand I took in exposing that faith, not religion is the ONLY way to be saved. Please pray that God convicts those more willing to defend a religious system rather than the truth of God's Word.

A Personal Word...

I make no bones also that we covet your prayers and financial support during these long days of writing, research and of course prayer. God is truly refreshing us and filling our hearts in preparation for the many miles to be traveled and souls to be touched once we take the ministry "on the road" again later this year.

Thanks for considering making a gift to the ministry today.

Eric (and Melanie)

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"Mormons and Christians: How far is TOO far?" - Feature Article

Order Ed Decker's Video "Mormonism and the Law of Eternal Progression"

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