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March 5, 2000

Take A Stand! Ministries Update

It has been over a month since the last Take A Stand! Online Newsletter so I thought I’d better update our friends about what we’re doing!

First, besides a little laryngitis for Melanie and her continuing struggle with Chronic Fatigue, we’re fine and thankful to be stationary for a few weeks after so much time on the road. We traveled much during 1999, including a nine-week trip that lasted through the first 5 weeks of the New Year. Frankly, I wish we were taking a break - yep, a vacation - but that’s hardly the case (though we sure need one!)

Currently, we are researching, writing, planning but above all, listening to the Lord for His direction for us and this ministry. We are planning an extensive trip to the West Coast in summer and are now scheduling seminars around the country. (I’d love to discuss coming to your community to speak…call us at 972-495-9490 or email me!)

During this time we are also preparing new material for the Take A Stand! Seminar series. This is ongoing but when you travel as much as we have over the past months there is no way to keep things as up to date as I’d like. There must be times like this to slow the travel and concentrate on other facets of the ministry or things get out of kilter. So this time here in the quiet of the Texas tree country is serving a duel purpose for us. PLEASE pray for us as we research and write. May HE be glorified…Amen!

New on our Web Site at www.ericbarger.com

I have added several new articles to the Information Center on the web site. In particular, I encourage you to check out the new items dealing with the cults.

Also, you will be challenged and encouraged as you read "The Quest For Faith". It is the account of just one of the ministry opportunities we had this past week.

Thanks so much for considering how you could help support our ministry for the Lord – especially during this season of writing, research and reflection as we do the necessary things to see this ministry’s maximum effectiveness realized.

I make no apologies in asking you to contribute to the ministry financially at this time. Being off the road means that EVERY need of the ministry and our family must be met through your contributions either via credit card, check or cash (click here to give with your credit card or mail your gift to the address below). Your contributions to us will be receipted and gratefully accepted as unto the Lord and will encourage us as we spend the 60-70 hours or more each week laboring for Him. Thanks so much!

Eric (and Melanie)

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"The Quest For Faith" - Feature Article

Information Center - info on the Cults, New Age and much more!

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