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Ministry Update - September 9, 2005

* Chapter Eleven of Disarming the Powers of Darkness
* Ed Decker on the Jesus of the Cults
* Recent emails
* Terrific 17 CD package - The New Testament dramatically read by Rev. Steve Millhorn

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Powers of Darkness


Chapter Eleven of Eric's book Disarming the Powers of Darkness is now online!

Read: "Two Big Guns - Prayer and the Word!"

You can catch up on other chapters by clicking here.

(Note: We are now using PDF format to upload the book chapters. It requires the free download program Adobe Acrobat which makes viewing and printing the documents very convenient. Click here to get the latest version if you don't already have Acrobat.)


Our good friend and collaborator, Ed Decker of Saints Alive Ministries has written an informative article defining the many aberrant views held by cultists concerning the identity and mission of Jesus. This is important information that parallels one of my most popular seminars, "Will the REAL Jesus Please Stand Up?"

Ed correctly points out that there are four classes of Cults which are prevalent today in America.

1. Pseudo-Christian Cults

2. Oriental Cults

3. New Age Cults

4. Spiritist Cults or the Occult

Decker states:

"We're certainly seeing that in our day and age. Jesus said in the last days, these things are going to take place. Paul warned us in the fourth chapter of First Timothy, verse one:

"The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons."

Not only are we told that in the last days, people are going to go after the false prophets, but many are going to follow after the doctrine of demons and deceitful spirits.

We are literally seeing an explosion of the world of the occult. In fact, a recent magazine article estimated nearly fifty million Americans are involved in some form of the occult. A recent survey estimated that nearly forty million Americans read their horoscopes, every day, to see what their zodiac sign says they should do that day."

To read the entire article by Ed Decker click here

For information on Eric Barger's VHS seminar presentation click here

Appalled by DVDs

Hello Eric:

My son and his family (children ages 9 and 3+) are here visiting from New Jersey. This is a "strong" Christian family...I've been appalled at the DVD's they brought along for the kids to watch.!! I talked to my son about your book, "Entertaining Spirits Unaware", and left it on the nightstand...I'm just aghast at what Christian parents (and teachers) are condoning.....Several of the family members are teachers/professors/school administrators, as well, as parents...HOW can they be SO blind!!!...(Satan, of course!!)

I/We will continue to support your work, as we are able, financially.

THANK YOU, for your stand!



Mr. Barger,

My brother forwarded your email to me about the Harry Potter books. I'm so thankful there is someone else out there who sees those books as a threat to adults and children everywhere. I have several Christian friends who allow their children to read them because they think they are so well written and kids are reading again - that's what scares me the most - they are reading the wrong books!! J. K Rowling knows way too much about witchcraft etc. - I think too many believe the things she writes about are just fantasy when it's all actually very real and harmful. We may not see the harmful results now but believe me we will in the near future! I will keep your ministry in my prayers - thank you and may God continue to bless what you are doing. M.W.

More on Tattoos and Piercings...


I work with my local youth groups and would like to have you send me as an attachment your views on tattoos and piercings. My daughter just got her belly button and tongue pierced and she is now engaged to a man with so many tattoos and piercings that I can not count them all, he is a freak and not a Jesus Freak, HELP!



My reply to a question about tattoos and piercings in my August 23 online newsletter brought several responses, in particular from those wishing to defend the practices. My comments were geared not to bring guilt on those who have already gotten tattoos or piercings but were aimed at making others think twice before doing so.

I hear statements like this all of the time: "tattoos and piercings make me different" and "I'm unique with my tattoo." I can't speak for every case but I have the sense that this is a veil which hides a pervasive sin in the culture and Church alike. It is the sin of rebellion. Along side of this, I believe that many young people (many of whom claim to be Christians, are struggling with acceptance in the culture and tattoos and piercings bring some acceptance. The problem is (as you know) it's often with the wrong crowd of people!

A strong surrendered walk with the Lord which is filled with intimate times of praise and study in the Word doesn't lead a person to crave being unique on the outside. Instead, it leads us into a submitted, holy walk that reflects the uniqueness which God has placed in each of us on the inside.

I firmly believe that many young people today are going to wake up some morning in the future and completely regret marking their bodies in a permanent fashion. Regardless of the prophetic and Antichrist implications of marking one's skin there is going to be personal remorse because of this popular craze.

One redeeming factor is that no matter what tattoo or piercing a person may have subjected their body to, unless the marking is that of the Beast of Revelation God can and does bring forgiveness, freedom and joy to a repentant heart.

Thanks much for your input and support. Again, let me know what we can do to help.

Bless you!


Hi Eric

I was reading your monthly news letter and I read one of your articles called: Piercing and Tattoos.

I'm noticing a increase in people going for body piecing and tattoos these days. Young teens think that it's "cool". Many I found to be Christians teens. Some have compromised by getting a tattoo of Jesus or a cross and think that makes it OK.

I've always known the truth about tattoos ever since the Lord reveal it to me through His word years ago when I was a teen. He gave me this scripture Leviticus 19:28 "Never cut your bodies in mourning for the dead or mark your skin with tattoos, for I am the LORD. (NLT) Then I told the Lord that I wasn't planning to do this in mourning for the dead.

Then, He reminded me about 1 Corinthians 6:19 - "Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? " (NKJV) Whether we do it for ourselves or for our friends it's still wrong in God's eyes Sin is sin. We forget as Christians from time to time that our bodies our not our own, and neither is our time, because Jesus paid the price for it in full. It belongs to God. We must honour God with our Body by keeping it clean and mark free.

The truth about body piercing and tattoos must be revealed. Many Christians find nothing wrong with it, as long it's in "moderation".

Eric, keep preaching the truth about the lies of Satan. Your doing the right thing. Don't let people's comments get to you, because you can't please everyone. Just please God.


Eric's Note: Here are a couple of other resources I came across concerning Tattoos, Piercings, etc.

Unsubscribe Me!

Jack wrote:

Unsubscribe me. With all the problems going on in God's world, you are still screaming about Harry Potter. Why don't you do something worthwhile, like speak out about the people being killed in Darfur? I'm sure our Heavanly Father is more worried about that, than kids reading fantasy FICTION.



I have unsubscribed you.

Worthwhile? My field is apologetics - not necessarily world conditions. However, I too share your concern with the genocide being wielded at Christians primarily by Muslims in Africa. However, the emails I receive daily tell the story of how deceived the church has become as to absolute truth and the authority of the Scriptures. This is why God has some of us laboring in different vineyards.


Resubscribe Me!


I told you in a recent Email, that I would reexamine, my position on Harry Potter. I want you to know I have researched, and prayed about this, and indeed you are right, or rather God is right about this! I see how Satan can use anything to deceive our children. Why should they waste their time with this, when there is so much of God's word for them to learn. I'm sorry, I was so confrontational, to you about this. I guess God wanted me to know the truth.


You are an Idiot!

I read you article on Harry Potter "3 reasons to avoid it". You are an idiot!!!! I have never read such garbage in my life!!!! You need to find another hobey & go to therapy! At least kids are starting to READ! Not just any rubish, like you wrote, but actually well written English. Good Luck with the sessions.


Eric's Note: Like many who write this kind of letter Maureen veiled her email address so I could not respond.

You are NOT an Idiot!

Hi Eric, I don't think you're an idiot. In fact, if it weren't for true believers like you, who warn other believers( which is what we are told to do), than the church would be in worse condition than it is? You know too, that a lot of people take out "fire insurance" but are not really saved, and their relationship or lack there of with Jesus comes out when subjects like adhering to Biblical principles are spoken out loud. I just tell fellow "christians" that yeah, I like you, but I love Jesus Christ more.

In Him,
Carol R.

Eric's Note: Its interesting that I received this email just a few hours after receiving the one before it!


My friend gave me your tape "From Rock to Rock." Your message was total conformation.it brought tears to my eye's. There is power in a praying wife thanks.


Eric's Note: It's so gratifying to know how the Lord is using our testimony of His changing power. (FYI - You can read or listen to the Testimony of Eric & Melanie Barger online at www.ericbarger.com.)

We welcome your comments and ideas. Please write Eric here.

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