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"Now entering our 22nd year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger

The Ground Rules for Spiritual Warfare -
Knowing Your Enemy & Knowing Who You Are

Plus, new additions to the website and a report from the side of the freeway!

November 6, 2004

Greetings from somewhere on Interstate 85 !!!

I've been ministering (7 of the past 9 nights) in North Carolina. Tonight I'm on the way to Panama City, FL, for meetings this weekend then on to Arkansas, Texas, Kansas and Missouri before heading home just before Thanksgiving.

I dearly love what I do…both Melanie and I do. Life on the road has its pitfalls but along with God’s calling on our lives comes the grace to accomplish the mission. Being apart from my family is without question the hardest thing (love those granddaughters!). I’ve stated that apologetics is a lonely field but the rewards are worth every moment. At times like tonight (its 2:30am) I miss my family and I know they miss me but we are unified to see captives liberated from Hell’s grasp and the sleeping Church challenged and changed into the image that God is pleased with.

Thanks for your prayer support to us and for helping with the financial needs too.

Website Additions

I am in the process of loading chapters from my book Disarming the Powers of Darkness into the Information Center at www.ericbarger.com .

If you have missed any of them you can click and read or download at: www.ericbarger.com/disarming/disarmingtoc.htm .

The latest installment is from chapter two of the book: The Ground Rules for Spiritual Warfare - Knowing Your Enemy & Knowing Who You Are

I’m going to continue to load chapters and alert you here via email when a new one is ready. Eventually, the entire book will be online for anyone to read or download.

Materials and Donations

We have now completed the reconstruction of the bookstore at www.ericbarger.com. Now, each transaction is completely encrypted and secure. You are able to both order products and make donations to the ministry in complete confidence.

Please access the bookstore HERE.

Please consider a donation to the ministry HERE.

Thanks for your continued support…We are completely dependant on your gifts!

As always, God bless you as you keep taking a stand!

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