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"Now in our twentieth year of standing for truth!"

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Project "Christian Nation"

Dear friend and supporter,

I have to come to many times with praise reports and needs. Thank you for being there for us, allowing us to share the victories and the struggles of maintaining this apologetics, no nonsense ministry all these years.

We, like many of you are focused on the events currently unfolding in Iraq. In fact, I know that this communiqué will e read by less people than normal just because so many of us are to varying extents consumed with staying informed on the progress of our troops. This brings me to one of the reasons behind this update to you - Our Troops.

Nearly a year ago God birthed a vision in us to reach our men and women serving in the military. Some of you are aware that it has been our goal to place a copy of my video "The Rise Fall and REDEMPTION of America" into the hands of every single chaplain serving our military today. Hearthstone Publishers of Oklahoma City is assisting me in preparing a dynamic spiritual-patriotic book which I have completed to accompany the video as well. We want to distribute it - free of charge - to EVERY person in our military who desires it as well. We're calling this, "Project Christian Nation."

If there was ever a time for a project like this to go forward it is NOW! My only regret is that I did not aggressively try and garner support for it last year. However, without your immediate prayerful support this project will remain on the shelf.

Last week we spent a total of over $1900 in completely unexpected repair to our two vehicles. By now, we would have already been well into another project planned for this year to raise the money to acquire a newer minivan for the ministry. However, the need to purchase the new video projector which is used each and every time I step to the pulpit to minister took center stage.

As it stands today, we still need about $1000 immediately to fulfil our obligation to pay for the projector. This need is immediate. We must also quickly replenish our operating capital used to pay for the vehicle repair.

Without even mentioning the continuing need to buy a newer vehicle, we are now running in the red concerning our monthly obligations. As always, when a need comes up, I have no other source to turn to for help but to those who believe in our ministry. Our reserve is completely depleted and using credit cards or loans is simply not an option. We've operated for many years without paying interest charges with God's money (by using cash for everything) and we are certainly believing the Lord that this need will be met on a cash and carry basis as well.

We know that many of you cannot give, but I believe that if everyone who reads this would simply do as the Holy Spirit instructs them to then the need would be met and we could focus on reaching our troops (and this nation) with the message of just exactly who we are as a country, the vision of our Founding Fathers and the hope we have in turning back to the God who sovereignty planted us here as Americans. Please pray and then see the links below for more information on how you can obtain some terrific inspirational materials and in doing so help us meet the eminent need.

Serving Him for the sake of souls,

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