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"Now in our twentieth year of standing for truth!"

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News from Eric Barger
and Take A Stand! Ministries

Just a quick email update for our friends and subscribers...

I just returned from a weeks of meetings in S. Texas with my good friend Pastor John Braten that culminated in seven decisions for Christ on Wednesday night...PTL! The teaching and seminar ministry, combined with my testimony has been yielding some great fruit for the Kingdom of God. God did some really neat things this week and is continuing the same kind of anointing that He has been pouring out on the ministry for the past several months. Thanks for standing with us in prayer and support to see His purpose fulfilled and souls touched.


Thanks to those of you who have designated nearly $700 towards the purchase of a new video projector for the ministry! As you may know, our old projector went up in flames earlier this month leaving me in IMMEDIATE need of a way to present the seminars live in churches and conferences.

We shopped and prayed and considered different options and have elected upon a new high resolution, 3300 lumen projector that will serve us well no matter what lighting environment I am faced with from church to church as we travel. The projector we have acquired has a list price of $8995 - but our friends at CAM Audio and Missionary Supply (of Garland, TX) have made us a phenomenal deal (saving a LOT of money) and have given us the next few weeks to raise the funds needed. I have used the new projector over the last few days and it is terrific! The effectiveness of the seminar ministry will be greatly increased through the use of this state-of-the-art projector.

We need your immediate help on this project and will greatly appreciate your gifts - both large and small. You may give any of five ways - online through our website, through the Internet funds transfer service PayPal, via postal mail, fax or by calling our office with your credit card information. See below for all the details. Also, when you contribute toward this need, remember to request a cassette of my message "Memorials for God." I believe it will bless and inspire you.

Our daughter, Kellie, is about to deliver our third granddaughter this week. Thanks for praying for both mother and baby! (Pictures will be posted to the web soon!)

I leave on Thursday for a long road trip, presenting the seminar series in several churches across the Eastern and Central U.S. and in conferences at Jonesville, NC, Peoria, IL, Mobile, AL and in Birmingham, AL.

REMEMBER: It is your prayers and support that enable us to reach out and foil Satan's plan in the lives of many!

Bless you and thanks again for standing with us!

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