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"Now in our twenty-first year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger

Update from Eric Barger - March 30, 2004


Melanie and I just returned home here in Texas after being gone for the past four weeks. During that time we ministered in four national Sunday School Conventions and over a dozen churches from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Seattle and Spokane to last weekend at the Chicago Sunday School Convention. Great...great...great...praise the Lord for His faithfulness and anointing on the ministry and messages I presented! Both Melanie and I noted a spiritual hunger and yearning from so many who attended the conventions and heard me speak. Our joy is beyond description knowing that the ministry is making such an impact upon people, especially those who are in church leadership across the country!


This year we anticipate putting on more miles on our ministry vehicle then any year yet. Our current van (a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan) currently has over 253,000 miles on it and we are nearing the "desperately need" stage concerning a newer van. Please pray about this important need. Click here for details. Thanks You!


Since there are over 300 new subscribers to our email list this month, I want to take a moment and alert all of you that we still have a few ministry dates open in the next few weeks. I am making these available to our subscribers first and would be happy to prayerfully consider coming to YOUR church to present some of the Take A Stand! Seminar series.

Topics like these are undoubtedly touching lives for Christ!

"America's Christian Foundation" and "The Rise Fall and REDEMPTION of America"

"Harry Potter, Packmen and Hollywood - The End-Time Occult Invasion"

"Spiritual Warfare - Defeating Darkness Seven Ways"

"But It's Only Fantasy! How Demonic Imaginations are Changing the Minds of a Generation"

Over 50% of my live Take A Stand! seminar schedule now comes as a result of interested lay-people taking the initiative to see their church and community touched through our ministry and then by making a simple phone call to us. I encourage you to contact me personally through our office at (972) 495-9490 or email me at eric@ericbarger.com anytime. I also recommend that you click here for a helpful menu of information about the seminars and ministry as well.

Please remember that we never focus on the size of of a congregation or city and that by making the ministry available to the entire church body we are following the Lord's long standing instruction to us. I promise that we'll pray about each and every invitation we receive and follow the Holy Spirit as we schedule each date.

Our 2005-2006 schedule is coming together and we'd like to include your church as the Lord leads. Here are a few possible open dates for consideration.

MAY 2 or MAY 2-5 - Illinois, Missouri area
MAY 9 - Central U.S.
MAY 23 - Ohio, West Virginia area
JUNE 13 - Ohio, West Virginia area
JUNE 20-23 - Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana area
JUNE 27 - Texas area

CLICK HERE for scheduling information and ministry details!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for us and the work. As you give to help the ministry this month I hope you'll order Ed Decker's terrific teaching tapes "Equipped to Share." They are awesome! (Click here to order.)

As we travel and present the seminar ministry Melanie and I are so grateful for your partnership with us. Thanks for allowing us to update you and thanks for your continued friendship toward us and this ministry. I'll be in touch with you again in the next few days and will include information on new articles that we'll be placing on the Webster this week - including my complete and revised position paper concerning "The Lord of the Rings" phenomenon.

Thanks again and God bless you all!

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