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The month of October marks twenty years in full-time Christian ministry for Melanie and I. It was in October of 1983 that I was answering the phones at the 700 Club counseling center in Seattle and preparing material for my local radio program. All this would eventually catapult us into the field of Christian apologetics detailing the Cults, New Age Movement, the Occult and the ministry of spiritual warfare.

From those humble beginnings, doing a one-session seminar about the negative effects of Rock Music on our youth and families, God has used our ministry to reach across North America and literally around the world! How blessed we've been! (Read more details here)

Our ministry is a result of the inspiration of dedicated men like the late Dr. Walter Martin, Ed Decker, Jim Spencer, Lou Carlson, Ted Bradshaw (our beloved marriage counselor), Pastor Bill McColley, Pastor Bob Fort and so many others. There have been some powerful women of God, such as Margaret Moberly, who have prayed for and helped to shape our work as well. There is no way to thank all those who poured their lives into us in those early days. We praise God every day for the fruitful impact that the ministry has had for so many! It's a result of God's call on us to do this specific work, countless hours of study and research and the prayers and encouragement of many Saints! (See pictures)

What a blessing it has been to minister to so many of God’s people and to see many others find Christ as Savior and Lord through the years. By His anointing and power we’ll continue the researching, writing and ministering as we travel coast-to-coast presenting the Take A Stand! Seminars.


One thing remains constant - we have lived by faith and trusted that God would use His people to see every need met and every expense paid. Since so many of you have expressed personal interest in being a part of the ministry with us I want to offer you this challenge:

Make a special "Twenty Year" gift to the ministry this month
of $20, $200 or whatever figure God impresses you with.

Most of you know that we rarely come to you specifically for donations. This is a special event and I believe the Lord would have me present this to you not as a need, but as an opportunity!

I am asking you to plant a seed and remember that someone sowed financial seeds in years gone by so that we could reach the multiple thousands that we have for Jesus. Perhaps you have been blessed, challenged or encouraged by the ministry. Maybe you even came to Christ at one of our seminars or perhaps when I've given my testimony and found freedom through our work. For the sake of each and every person we have ministered to - and for those which God has planned for us to reach in the future - I am asking you to consider this special occasion as a reason to share a gift. Do it for souls!

Living by faith has not always been easy and is certainly full of question marks. But watching God move as He stretches and molds us is awesome. Early on God impressed on us that if we wanted His best we wouldn't just be a receptacle of ministry income. Instead, we were to be an open funnel to let the finances He has blessed us with flow to others. How great it has been! Melanie and I can testify to the peace and joy we experience each week as we sow financial seed into the soil God directs us to.

Perhaps you have a pressing need or prayer request. Taking steps of faith - that sometimes seem impossible - often bring the answers we are seeking. Sowing seed is a key weapon for those who understand how to resist the Devil and break his attacks. Giving from your abundance also expresses to God where your heart truly is as well. Jesus said in Luke 12:34: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Your gifts - as we "pass the offering plate" for our ministry - serve also as the single vehicle that allows us to meet the needs and continue the task of ministry at hand.

If you’ve given in the past - thank you! If not, I challenge you to join us in this ministry and find out that as you give to a worthy work it shall indeed be given back to you as God has promised - perhaps in ways that money can’t buy!

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