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Eric & Melanie Barger

Ministry Update - August 21, 2009

Eric is on "Christ in Prophecy" with Dr. David Reagan again this week!
Be sure tune in or set your DVR.

Topics of this four week series include:

- Understanding the need for bold, biblical Apologetics and Discernment today
- The MOST Dangerous Cult
- The Errors of the Emergent Church
- Understanding the Effects of the New Age Movement
- Discovering the truth about The Shack
- The Prophetic Challenges Facing Biblical Christians Today

This week's program includes: - How THE MOST DANGEROUS CULT - spiritual liberalism - is capturing OUR CHURCHES and SEMINARIES. Also learn valuable information and warnings concerning the EMERGENT CHURCH.

Eric, Dr. David Reagan, Nathan Jones, and members of the Lamb and Lion Ministries "Christ in Prophecy" TV crew.

"Christ in Prophecy" TV schedule (all times listed are Eastern Time Zone USA)

DayStar Network - Wednesday, 7:00pm Eastern
Cable, DirecTV Ch. 369, DISH Ch. 263

Inspiration Network - Friday, 12noon Eastern
Cable, DirecTV Ch. 364, DISH Ch. 259

The Church Channel - Saturday, 9:30pm Eastern
DirecTV Channel 371

National Religious Broadcasters Network - Sunday, 5pm Eastern
DirecTV Channel 378


Watch online at www.lamblion.com. Go to the home page, scroll down and click on "Current TV Show."


Louisiana Family Vision Network at various times. See: www.kajn.com/familyvision

New Mexico Family Stations (Albuquerque: KAZQ, Channel 32 and KTVS, Channel 36)

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