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"Now in our 25th year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger

Update July 5, 2008

Recent Updates: June 27 - "Oprah's New Age Religion" and "God, Give Us Godly Leaders"

To the Friends of Eric & Melanie and Take A Stand! Ministries...

Thanks for taking a moment to read this note.

It has been a while since we have stressed the need for your continued financial support. Thus, giving has dropped off dramatically here in the Summer months.

I wish I could tell you that every need is met each month by a rich benefactor who just sends all the monies needed to support the work of our ministry and our family. But this is simply not the case. We are completely dependant on the large and small free will donations of those who believe in the mission of this ministry.

As many of you know, we do not drive new cars, fly first class, take exotic vacations or lavish ourselves with expensive items. We prayerfully take into account each expense that we undertake both for the ministry and for our household. Likewise, we respect and appreciate every gift, offering and order for materials that comes our way for they represent your investment in the ministry with us.

We often stand amazed at how God has proven Himself "just in time." He surely knows who He wants to use to see the needs of His ministry met. He also knows that for Melanie and I there is no way to project what may or may not come in during any particular period our lives. We have just trusted him and truly lived completely by faith and not by paychecks. In the end, we just want to be a good stewards of God's call to Apologetics and Evangelism ministry and be a witness concerning His awesome provision to our ministry and family.

The Word states in Psalm 50:10 that God owns "the cattle on a thousand hills." To the ancient Jew cattle represented wealth and resources. This famous verse is expressing that God can meet every need to those who believe. How does He do it? By orchestrating relationships just as He has between you and our ministry. He meets the needs of one through other obedient servants who are willing to faithfully trust Him.

Perhaps He has put you in charge of some of those "cattle." Just as when our ministry sows finances to see other missions succeed (such as the school and church in Haiti that we are helping to build), I know that God is calling many who'll read this to cut loose a head or two of His "prime beef" to see our ministry's work for the Kingdom of God sustained. As Christians give obediently from our abundance, God has a way of placing more into our hands that we might give again...and again. That is His plan as outlined in His Word and He is intent on fulfilling it!

Thanks in advance for your offerings and orders during this Summer season. We are counting on your partnership. We take joy that by your support you share in every spiritual blessing and reward along with us.

Watching and waiting for the King,

"We exist to see the lost saved and the Church changed by the power of God!"

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A Family Touched for God

Thanks for Oprah Info

Thank you for the video clip on Oprah and information on her New Age beliefs. As the director of a pregnancy care center, we are having ever increasing numbers of clients that are well steeped in new age beliefs thanks to her and (Neal Donald) Walsh's "Conversations with God" book, as well as the media and books in general. Christians better start waking up and taking prayerful action! We are certainly in the end times! Thanks again for keeping us all informed.

Diane (Pennsylvania)

Oprah Video Clip

Great one Eric!!!! I'm preaching on Jude 3-4 this week and will be showing the Oprah video to the church as my intro. Keep up the good work. Gal 6:9

Working & Waiting for Him
Pastor Ted (California)

Warnings for the Wayward Church

"Be true to the parts of the gospel that just don't fit today. Have the guts to speak on truth, in a day of relativism, on hell and open inclusivism. When we're really true to the unfashionable parts of the gospel, then the power of the gospel will be on us...We've got to see that much of this stuff (being presented as 'relevant' by the modern Church) is not only bankrupt but it's totally worldly. When we get beyond that, the need will drive a huge number of people back to their knees."
- Os Guinness, Christianity Today, August 1, 2003

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