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Eric & Melanie Barger

Refuting Oprah and New Age Guru Eckhart Tolle

You may have seen the video clip of Oprah Winfrey and new age author, Eckhart Tolle that we sent out back in April. It has been highly viewed on both YouTube and on GodTube.

Recently, Pastor Dennis Cummins sat down with Eric Barger to discussed Oprah, her New Age guru and the proliferation and general acceptance of New Age thought in the culture.

Here below are links to both the video clip of Oprah making her very troubling claim that Jesus is but one of "millions of ways" and to Eric's rebuttal. Both can be found along with more of our videos on GodTube.

Listen to Eric's two newest Interviews

"Bible Prophecy and the Occult"
with Jan Markell of www.olivetreeviews.org.

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"The Dalai Lama and Emergent Church Leaders in Seattle"
with Brannon Howse of www.ChristianWorldviewNetwork.com

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Here are some great and uplifting notes we've received recently...and we am purposely leaving out the negative ones this time...PTL! Please note also that many of these emails refer to Eric's recent radio interviews (linked above). One more thing - do you see a pattern in these emails too???

Sleeping Church

I have followed this ministry for years and enjoy the reports and products purchased.

Wanted to say "Amen!" to the broadcast you shared with Jan Markell today. It was informative and will, prayerfully, wake up a sleeping church!

- Carrie (Virginia)

Heads in the Sand


I just heard you for the first time today on Jan Markell's show. God bless you Eric, for the awesome work you are doing. I am inspired by you to try even harder to reach people with the truth. I am so amazed by the ignorance of the "average Christian" as to what is really going on in this world. It seems that they chose to keep their heads in the sand so as not to be bothered with anything other than what makes them feel good. When I try to speak of these topics, I find that even the people I consider to be strong followers of Christ don't have a clue as to what I am talking about - they look at me like I'm a little bit crazy. I'm afraid that my church is sorely lacking in educating the congregation. Unfortunately, I think that most of them are only being fed by the sermons on Sunday, and if the pastor hasn't preached it, then they either don't know about it or it must not be very important.

Thank you for your service to our Lord Eric...I look forward to exploring your website deeper, and I will be recommending it to others.


Jane (Minnesota)

Being Led to the Slaughter

You have a most interesting web site. I only pray that more and more people will pick up the Word and read the truths therein for themselves. Many are duped because they are too busy doing things of the world instead of taking the time to read the Word and find out the truths therein!

Thanks for the read about Joel Osteen and all. I know many people think, that to answer as Joel has, that he isn't a true Christian, but I would never say he wasn't...that's God's job. I know some are weak-kneed but that only makes them 'lukewarm', but still Christian. We have to pray for such as these.

I believe that people shouldn't take another's word about something without first doing their own research. This is how the devil will deceive so many and has already done so. That is why it is so important to read the Word every day! The only Shepherd we should follow is Jesus. We won't hear His voice if we don't take time to read the Word, as so many have neglected to do and still do...these are the ones who are being led to the slaughter...because they are blind? No! But because they are stubborn or lazy...thus causing blindness!

There are many views but only ONE truth...The Word of God!
God bless,

Janet (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Great Interview!

It was truly a great interview with Jan! I look forward to receiving the free CDs. And, in time, I hope to make some orders from the material you offer. It was a pleasure to hear such clarity on the true Biblical stand on all occultic involvement.

Thank you,

B.H.B. (Oregon)

The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult

Mr. Barger,

Thanks for the information. I'm grateful for something to share with my teens and junior age kids who desire to play computer games that contain things that concern me. I asked the Lord to give me wisdom on how to talk with them about this issue and this article came in my e-mail today! Praise the Lord for meeting my need!

Susan (Illinois)


Thank you very much for this article. Christians need to be hit between the eyes with the truth ever now and then. Satan is alive and well on planet earth from day one. He uses the same old tricks, schemes, and lies and tailors them for each cultural setting. Today he hits hard in the entertainment industry and secular psychology, and modern thought. Same old lie to Eve with modern thought- Surely God knows that if you eat of the fruit, you will be like Him, knowing good and evil. Today, "you are in control of your own destiny," "channel the power from within until you become your own god." Same lies, differently tailored. Yes, we need to be very aware of the lies creeping into our lives via "Christian literature," songs, etc. After reading this, I am throwing away - not selling or giving away-some of our DVD's such as "Skeleton Key." Forgive me Lord for allowing this form of evil entertainment in our home.

Anonymous (South Dakota)

NOTE: Click here to access "The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult" article

Never Back Down


God Bless you your family and your ministry. Debi and I tried to support you over the past few years when we could. I want to take this time to say, how much we appreciate the fact that compromise is not in your vocabulary. It is good to see a ministry the stands for Truth and walks in the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. I so appreciate the fact that you expose and stand up against those the promote and deceive under the title of Emerging Church, New Age, the Occult etc. The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not need to be rewritten for today's culture. The Book of Acts, our outline is still the same and we are still men and women of God who need a Savior, who need to know about the Cross, who need to know what the price of the Blood meant, who need the Power and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, who know that God and His Word are the same, who need to know that there is a name above every name, that is the name of Jesus, who need to know that there is such a thing as Absolute Truth and it never changes and it's applications to us remain the same today. Never, never back down or take another STAND. Continue to Stand in the Power of His Might. Fully armored and readied for Battle. I believe that you need to be encouraged and Debi and I will continue to minister to you financially and in word.

I just finished a wonder teaching and preaching experience to Lugazi, Uganda in March. As a layman, I been blessed with opportunities to minister to pray for those in need. God was so good as we taught, prayed and gave in an effort to reach people, touch people and see lives transformed, Spirit, Soul, Body and in every area of their lives.

Enough said for now. Keep up the good work. Never let this Gospel Slip. Stay
Strong and we will continue to hold you up in Jesus Name!!!

Stan (Oregon)

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