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"Now in our 26th year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger

December 2008

It is hard to believe that twenty-five years have come and gone since Melanie and I accepted God's call to ministry. Much has happened since that October day in 1983 when we first sensed God uniquely stirring our hearts. But through the joys and trials - and a couple of million miles traveled, God has been there with us!

We've been afforded some awesome opportunities and made life-long friends. However, the most marvelous blessing of these 25+ years has been the thousands of people who have come to Christ.

To us, this is exactly what the ministry has been all about - rescuing the lost. Just as our missions statement declares "Take A Stand! Ministries exists to see the lost saved and the Church changed by the power of Jesus Christ." As in the beginning, we are still using practical Bible-based apologetics to shine the light of truth on the enemy's work. With your help, we will continue for many more years.

The road God chose for us has not been without obstacles. Being away from home and family ministering out on the road over 200 nights each year has been anything but easy. However, the rollercoaster of finances has often been the biggest test. But through it all, God has provided everything by touching the hearts of people to give to the ministry and see every need supplied.

So, as we end another year and begin our next 25 years of service to the Kingdom, we remind you that without your partnership we could never have accomplished His calling to "Take A Stand!" As 2008 comes to a close, please consider us in your year-end giving. Also, remember that we need your support in January as we prepare for another season of travel, outreach and soul-winning. Thank you - Thank you - THANK YOU!

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"Take A Stand! Ministries exists to see the lost saved and the Church changed by the power of God!"

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