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Eric & Melanie Barger

Update October 27, 2008

Recent Updates:

June 27 - "Oprah's New Age Religion" and "God, Give Us Godly Leaders"


Since I've received several emails from folks concerned because they hadn't heard from me in quite some time, I thought I'd better just write a quick note and let our friends know that everything is fine. I know its rare when I go two months between email newsletters but the fact is we're just busy! Swamped is actually a better descriptor. But its all good!

Actually, we are going through some growing pains which of course is a wonderful problem. But I haven't done much for the past month except travel, minister, do media interviews and prepare the information for two 1+ hour video/DVD projects full of intense research which we just completed last week.

These two new topics are "The Death of Discernment" and "Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved?" Watch your email for articles and information from me on these topics and presentations in the near future.

Since the first of July, I have been home a total of 20 nights including today. Tomorrow I leave for another 16 day swing of ministry dates through Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. It sounds grueling and it has been tiring, but its all good! We're seeing some great stuff happen in the seminar ministry.

We're so grateful for our good friends Steve, Greg, Jeremy, Marcia and Virginia who are giving time each week to see Take A Stand! ministries reach more people. Please keep praying for me and for Melanie and for our volunteers as we go about accomplishing the ministry God called us to fulfill. We're tremendously thankful for our prayer warriors and supporters too. Thanks so much for your continued prayerful support to help make it all happen.

In His grace,

PS...Here below are a couple pictures from recent events.

Eric on the set of "Christ in Prophecy" TV with Dr. David Reagan and part of the terrific staff at Lamb and Lion Ministries! (We recently recorded four programs that will air worldwide in early 2009.)

Eric at the Southwest Radio Church Conference at Willow Valley, Lancaster, PA

Explaining the Emergent Church philosophy at Willow Valley

Part of the crowd in Pennsylvania

"Take A Stand! Ministries exists to see the lost saved and the Church changed by the power of God!"

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Today, in an effort to redefine Christianity, alarming numbers of popular yet increasingly apostate "evangelical" leaders known as "The Emerging Church Movement" are abandoning historic and biblical standards.

This unscriptural, even deadly movement is part of the predicted "great falling away" of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 as Emergent leaders now proclaim that the Church has failed in its mission, that doctrine is irrelevant and that the very basis of Christian thinking has always been faulty.

In this new 1+ hour video, Eric defines Emergent thinking and terms, concisely exposes the practical and doctrinal errors of the Emergents and draws the striking parallels to New Age thought.

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This message also detail the beliefs and influence leading New Agers including Oprah Winfrey. Hear in her own words as Oprah proclaims why she abandoned the Baptist Church and embraced New Age spiritualism. According to Gallup Poll, she is but one of over 75 million New Agers in America who claim they were once "Christians."

After living in the New Age "Mecca" of Seattle and having come out of the New Age Movement himself in 1981, Eric draws from years of personal experience and research here. This summary of New Age philosophy and spirituality that has helped thousands understand the dangers of the Movement, its doctrines and the reason for its proliferation.

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