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Ministry Update - October 10, 2007

The Universal Mistake

“Though it is said that all religions could be wrong, they most certainly can’t all be right."
- Original Source Unknown

Stop a moment and think about that. As time progresses and the line between truth and error continues to fade, Universalism and its evil cousin, "Inclusionism" is going to be touted more and more. In an age of intense political correctness, the inherent tolerance of Universalism - AKA that all paths lead to God - is indeed appealing. Oh, it sounds so good to the carnal mind doesn’t it? The intellectual who warms to universalism thinks he has risen above the fray of absolutes and those less willing to examine deeper either buy into it themselves or simply repeat the error thinking of themselves as forbearing to those of other religions.

Indeed, people think they are exercising the ultimate charity by their acceptance of all religions as equal. After all, to so many it sounds so kind and loving. I have even heard alleged Christians go out of their way to talk up other faiths in an effort to appear broadminded and non-confrontational. In reality however, it is our fear of rejection by others that allows cultic ideas such as universalism to go unchallenged. I have to believe that some Christians effectively wimp-out on declaring that Jesus is the one and only way due to doctrinal ignorance. Others have employed the “pick and choose” method, rejecting some Scriptures and doctrines that they don’t like while accepting others that suit them more. Still others who claim to be Christian simply wish to avoid confrontation at all cost. None of these reasons qualify as good excuses. Can one imagine Paul or Peter trying to find common ground or have dialog with cultic drivel in the early days of the Church?

Not only does any recognition of Universalism reinforce Satan’s chief goal in the hearts of men – that is that Jesus is really not the only way - but the idea that all paths or any path could lead to Heaven for eternity makes the God of the Bible out to be the worst of all gods. Why? If there was any other way for mankind to find redemption and forgiveness than through the sacrifice of God’s one and only Son then why would a loving God send His Son to die such an awful death on the Cross? Keep this thought in mind the next time someone tries to tell you that Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or the rest are somehow eternally equal to what Jesus accomplished for all who would simply just believe in Him.

- Eric Barger

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Dear Brother Eric,

Keep telling the truth! A friend told me about your terrific website and ministry. Thanks especially for your insights on the Purpose Driven Life deceits. I gave a copy of your report "Examining the Purpose Driven Philosophy" to my minister in Hawaii (who also loved your article on "The Sons of Belial"). I also gave the report to my pastor, who had our whole church do the programmed study on the Purpose Driven Life after which many left our church. My pastor has mainly been true to the Bible. How could this have happened? I do not want to disrespect my pastor. God bless you.

Marilyn - Massachusetts


Thanks for the kind comments...Praise the Lord! I am glad you have used our materials to help, encourage and even challenge others. My heart is for the Church, for its ministers and for the truth. Above all, I just want to be faithful to what the Lord impresses me to do in the ministry for Him. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, speaking out on issues such as the Purpose Driven Life are not easy assignments but again, I am just trying to be honest and faithful to the calling.

Concerning the question you posed in your note to me, it stuck me as I read it "How could this have happened?" As you know, in Examining the Purpose Driven Philosophy I mention that I believe many good solid leaders have been enticed into trying programs, growth plans, fads and the like in order to bolster sagging church attendance. Some pastors have, for a variety for reasons, focused so much on filling seats that truth has taken second place - or even slipped further down the list of priorities. Just as with what transpired at the beginning of the demise of the now apostate major denominations, the compromises probably seemed small and insignificant in the beginning. Thankfully, though there is a full scale assault on the Bible, on doctrine and even on Christian history within Evangelical circles today, there is without question a remnant who are not about to follow destructive movements like the "Forty Days of Purpose", Emergent Church and Inclusionism. I believe that history will bare out that the era we are currently in will record the splintering, even implosion of the once strong Evangelical movement of the 1970's and 80's but will also become the birthplace of a revitalized and unified Christ-like body in which tags identifying "Baptists", "Methodists", "Pentecostals", etc will be far less important than the title "Christian." The coming days will see us who love and want to serve the Lord refocus on our Bibles as we tenaciously stand for truth and pray for the anointing to see captives - from both within and outside the church - set free to serve God.

Thanks again for writing and for your continued support Marilyn!




Chicago Sun-Times article August 12, 2007 - "'A huge victory' for gay Lutheran clergy." Here is a quote from the article- thought you might be interested in... "'It's a huge victory,' said Jeremy Posadas, a voting church member from Decatur, Ga. 'The Gospel of inclusion has won, and we're going to keep winning.'"

Who says this isn't a battle?!

Also, your article on Eli and his sons really hit home with me about some things in my life in the realm of accountability. I pray the Lord uses it to His fullest benefit in me. My denomination is one of those "we can't tell others what to do" types. I've never agreed with this stance as there is no call to repentance in it. Thanks!

- Pastor Jerry (from the Internet)


Hello Eric. Just wanted to say how blessed I was to read your e-mail letter about Romney. I simply cannot believe that Christians are supporting him! I can understand, I supposed, the nominal Christians who know nothing of Mormonism being deceived, but if many evangelicals are also supporting him, it makes one stop to wonder how committed they really are to the gospel.

What really gets me is people such as Fox News' Bill O'Reilly labeling those who refuse to support Romney because he's a Mormon as "bigots." It's just incredible, given that he's on the right side on so many (but not, unfortunately, all) issues facing our nation today. I've tried e-mailing him and his new ombudsman about this, suggesting that they really study what Mormonism teaches (and listed a sampling), but I've received not a single response about it. (I even nominated him for his own Pinhead award for not apologizing to those he called bigots before researching Mormonism; no response there either.)

Thank God you (but too few others like you) are standing up for the truth in this matter. I'd suggest you try e-mailing O'Reilly with some of the truths about Mormonism (oreilly@foxnews.com). Maybe if they get enough e-mails about it, they'll finally take a long hard look at his beliefs and what they could mean for our country--and let others know, too, so they can decide for themselves. It's a horrible thought to think that our choice might be between Hillary and Romney--if that's the case, I'll vote third party (Libertarian, if nothing else is available, although they have their flaws, too). God bless you for your stand!

Bill - Indiana

Praise the Lord and thanks for your terrific letter Bill.

Keep preaching the truth bro...I will too.





Referencing the Mitt the Mormon article, THANK YOU! Yes, I'm even screaming THANK YOU. My life was personally touched by Mormonism (through someone close to me) and would have been destroyed if not for the grace of God. In addition to your usual well thought out comments and observations, may I add that a key thing people need to understand is that it isn't a personal attack against Mitt or any other Mormon. It's that they can be used by the enemy either with or without their express knowledge or consent. God finally helped me to see that the Mormon (supposedly former Mormon) in my life wasn't even aware of his being used for destructive purposes. He had no idea. We may all still underestimate the realm of power that the enemy can have in a life once a person has turned their lives over and placed themselves into a cult like Mormonism. Again, they don't have to be cognizant of whose bidding they are doing. They are simply deceived. Sadly, they are likely condemned as well.

Every Christian leader who backs this man is accountable to God for it. Keep up the good work - whether it puts you on the popular list or not! God's list is the only one we need concern ourselves with. Again, thank you and God Bless You!

(from the Internet)

Praise the Lord Kathy!

Thank you so much for the exhilarating letter.

God bless you!



H’llo Eric!

Let me put in a nut shell why I long ago decided to NOT vote for Mr. Romney. It’s simply this: I am a Christian who knows not only what I believe but why it’s true. (Yes, there is evidence and it’s irrefutable.) I also understand Mormon “theology” better than most Mormons (and certainly all of them that I’ve met so far!). One has to be a certain kind of crazy to know much of anything about Christian theology, Mormon “theology”, be a Mormon and yet call them selves Christian. I most certainly do NOT want someone that crazy running the country!

Jerry (from the Internet)

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Pastors Have Right to Speak up on Politics

WASHINGTON (Christian Newswire) - Concerned Women for America (CWA) joined the Alliance Defense Fund, Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council and the James Madison Center for Free Speech today in issuing a letter to pastors nationwide on their legal rights to speak on "political" issues during the 2008 elections without jeopardizing their churches' tax- exempt status. (read more here)

Political Activity Guidelines for Pastor - http://www.cwfa.org/images/content/pastorsguide07.pdf

CWA Brochure for Pastors and Politics -

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