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Ministry Update - June 15, 2006

"MORMONISM: Has Anything Changed?"

Dear Friends,

I am currently in Idaho with my good friend, Jim Spencer of "Through the Maze Ministries" and am here to participate in the making of his new video "MORMONISM: Has Anything Changed?". I believe this explosive documentary may rock the Mormon Church like nothing has since The God Makers book and subsequent movie series did over two decades ago. This presentation will expose the deception being perpetrated by Mormon leadership that claims the LDS church has somehow changed and become compatible with evangelical Christianity.

Christians beware! Even though some high profile evangelicals have been drawn into the trap and are now siding with LDS apologists, Mormonism has NOT changed. While in a purely human sense it seems like a wonderful, loving thing to just blindly ignore the doctrinal differences and concentrate only on the likenesses of Mormonism and Christianity. However, doing so would be more than just bad apologetics and questionable theology. Rather, it is eternal suicide for the unsuspecting who might believe the misguided views of men such as Dr. Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary and a growing host of other badly deceived Christian leaders. Simply put, Mormon doctrine is not Christian doctrine - no matter how it is parsed.

The tact Mormondom's leaders are currently taking to sell themselves as "Christian" has also been aided by so called "broad view" Christians such as Joel Osteen and Rick Warren. These men have not just failed to identify that religions such as Islam and Mormonism are incapable of redeeming its followers. Instead, when given the opportunity they have continually refused to clearly enunciate the non-Christian and cultic nature of these other beliefs. Whether it be due to gullibility, faulty theology or ungodly concern about their own wide spread acceptability, these and other high profile Christian leaders are attempting to rectify and merge what is nothing less than doctrines of demons with the purity and truth of the Word of God. No matter how slick, persuasive or intense the Mormon promotional campaign may become, the fact remains that the void separating LDS doctrine, history and practice from the Christian church is still as wide as ever. The truth is that Mormonism still remains a cult whose satanic beliefs always have and still are enslaving its followers.

During the past week I have been struck again and again at how important producing material like this new video is and how awesome it is to be a part of God's army who expose false religions, in this case the Mormon Church. It is awesome to see some of the most powerful apologetic material ever produced concerning any cult come to life on the screen...Praise the Lord! The filming and production entails many long hours. It can also be very tedious and tiring. But the outcome is sure to give the powers of darkness a jolt.

That being the case, please remember that being involved in front line apologetics ministry is always a fertile battleground where Satan attempts to infiltrate and bring disruption as well. I remind you of this because this is the arena in which apologetics ministries (who are worth their salt) operate in daily. Spiritual warfare is especially evident when we're involved in a project such as this one, so I can't express enough just how much I covet your prayers. When this new video presentation comes out in the fall of this year you will see why I asked you to pray back here in June.

Participating in special projects like this requires your financial help as well. Will you help me? We seem to have hit the "summer slump" early this year and I need your help - now.

Taking these three weeks away from the demands of my own ministry to concentrate our efforts elsewhere could easily take a costly toll but Melanie and I are certain that this is what the Lord would have us do. Any contribution I can make to help facilitate this film would be eternally valuable, so as always we are just trusting God's people to hear from the Lord and come through to take up the slack with extra giving.

No one is underwriting the cost of what I have undertaken to be involved with this project. So, for the sake of truth and for the sake of souls I ask that you consider making a gift to the ministry now. We know that thousands upon thousands of Mormons and unaware Christians will be effected for eternity by what we are producing today. Please help make it a reality.

Many thanks and God bless you!

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PS...In appreciation of your immediate gift of at least $50 we will send you four great resources concerning Mormonism. These items include Jim Spencer's powerful testimony book Beyond Mormonism, his books Whited Sepulchers and Mormonism's Temple of Doom and the classic DVD "The Mormon Dilemma."

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