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Ministry Update - May 25, 2006 - Da Vinci Code Edition

Dear Friends,

What exciting times we live in. Perilous, yet exciting! And just as The Da Vinci Code presents a challenge, it also presents a kind of blessing in disguise. As disturbing as the accusations made by Dan Brown's blockbuster book and movie are, it has opened a tremendous witnessing opportunity for those who know how to respond.

Just Monday night as I flew from Dallas to Seattle I was able not only to defend the authority of the Bible and the deity of Christ to the young lady seated next to me, but within just a minute or two I had explained to her how and why I had become a Christian - all because she had brought The Da Vinci Code up in our conversation. On Thursday, virtually the same scenario happened in a coffee shop in Washington. Virtually each day recently the "Da Vinci buzz" has created opportunities for me to share my faith in just going about my daily business - praise the Lord! Plus, last Sunday morning the Spirit of God drew seven people to Him during the invitation time after I had ministered on the truth concerning The Da Vinci Code. God is able to truly turn what was meant for evil into a glorious opportunity - if we are prepared!

You'll find below an article concerning The Da Vinci Code as well as a link to information about the new video we just recorded on the topic. This article contains the very same "talking points" I have been using as a witnessing tool myself. I longed to send the article to our subscribers last week but could not due to losing our key computer.

If any of you have ever had your computer's motherboard burn up then you know it's a very trying experience. It happened to me at about 7am two Sunday's ago while preparing my slide presentation for the morning's ministry in Friant, California. Thankfully, I had all of our files backed up but it has taken awhile to rebuild our software applications to be able to operate - especially on the website. I am so grateful to our good friend and co-worker, Ed Decker of Saints Alive Ministries who came to our aid with another lap top to use until we can finally raise the funds for a new "media capable" machine. This is something that I have mentioned we've needed for some time. Now, it is going to take about $2000 beyond our budget and your help would be GREATLY appreciated in meeting this need.

As many of you know, all of the troubles this world or the devil have to offer pale when a grandchild is born. Our first grandson, little Austin Christopher was born to my daughter Kellie and so-in-law Chris two weeks ago. Austin began his life by spending 10 days in the hospital but I'm blessed to report that he came home last Saturday and all appears to be well. I am believing that he's going to be a mighty warrior in the Kingdom of God! Please keep Austin (and his parents!) in prayer as they get acclimated together.

Again, we appreciate you so much. God bless you and thanks for your continued prayers and financial support!

Thanks so much and God bless you!

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By Eric Barger

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
- Matthew 24:11-12

If you haven’t read Dan Brown’s blockbuster bestseller, The Da Vinci Code (DVC) or seen the movie, then you are probably wondering why all the fuss?

Though promoted as a novel, the book persuasively presents an intricate conspiracy theory that is nothing less than a direct attack upon recorded history, the authenticity of the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ and Christianity itself.

But it’s just a novel, right?

Though Brown has woven a fable - based completely on conjecture and myth – he announces on an introduction page headed “fact” that “All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.” It is for this reason that concerned Christians must be prepared to answer the assertions of The Da Vinci Code.

Though the book has been vigorously defended as “just a novel,” I suggest that Brown simply cannot have it both ways. The crux of the story cannot be presented as fact, and then, when controverted with evidence, be defended it as mere fantasy.

It is certain that the allegations leveled in the DVC have set the stage not only allowing informed Christians to set the record straight by educating many about the historical core of our faith but Dan Brown’s fantasy has also provided a terrific opportunity to reach the lost with the Gospel. Let’s do it!


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