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"Now in our 23rd year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger

Ministry Update - April 18, 2006

Dear Friend,

Having just arrived home for 7 days before leaving on another 3 week ministry trip I thought it good to send a quick update to you.

What a privilege and honor to serve the Master during these troubling yet exciting times. How often I remark of how awesome this hour is if only to see so many biblical prophecies coming to pass right before our very eyes.I encourage you to be about the Father's business and to not be weary in proclaiming the Gospel which can save, heal and deliver those trapped by the enemy's power. Our ministry is doing just that with every tool possible and we are so grateful for your support as we contend for the faith (Jude 3), give reasons for faith (I Peter 3:15) and see captives set free (Luke 4:18). Jesus has the cure for all the ails the world. We are indebted to you for your prayers and financial support. But you know that its really not for us anyway. Its for the Kingdom of God. Its so that we might reach more hurting, lost souls before He comes again!


Though Easter has come and gone one more year, I want to point out that each day should be a holy celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection. For the Christian, the fact that He rose from the grave and promised us the same is the very lynchpin of our faith! But most of the world and tragically many Christians have no idea what to think concerning this most crucial doctrine of the faith.

It is for this reason that we have prepared a new in-depth ministry resource to help you answer skeptical friends and family concerning the historical validity of the bodily resurrection. Considering the current wave of attacks upon the authority of the Bible and the very deity of Christ this is certainly a prime time to be ready to provide factual, detailed answers to those around us who are yet to believe. There simply is no better evangelistic tool available to the Church...death has been beaten! Praise the Lord! Now it's our task to be able to express the truth of the resurrection to others with Holy Ghost POWER.

If you didn't yet read my article on this topic please take a moment and print, download or read it online. (Since writing the article in the middile of the night last Thursday I have edited and corrected the typos and have reposted it on our website. Thanks for your grace about the typos if you happened to notice them!)

The resurrection article I am speaking of will give you spiritual ammunition to refute the salacious lies the enemy has planted in our midst. Considering over 1/3 of those who claim to be "born again" do not believe in the bodily resurrection (George Barna survey in 2000) it is obvious that we have some major doctrinal problems inside the Church, let alone outside. After all, how can a Christian rejoice in, stand in, give a defense of, let alone die for our faith if we don't have hope in His resurrection (I Corinthians 15:17, 19)?resurrection.ds.jpg (12328 bytes)

The article was grafted from just part of the information I have included in the new DVD / Video of the same name. Dozens of hours of research, study and prayer have gone into the making of "The Proof and the Power of the Resurrection" as we discover how to soundly refute the skeptic's claims concerning the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Most importantly, you'll see conclusively the one reason that each and every Believer knows Christ lives - without which we simply could not proclaim the Gospel in POWER! Also, you'll see how understanding the proof of the resurrection actually validates the entire biblical record as well.

As closely as I have lived to the defense of the Gospel all of these years, I found that this study and presentation really built my own faith as I personally compiled the research and constructed the dozens of slides included. I know it will build yours too. Your family, home group, Sunday School class or church will benefit greatly from "The Proof and the Power of the Resurrection."

Request your copy here.


Beloved, our expenses for travel, postage and printing, etc., continue to skyrocket each month. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Melanie and I have personally budgeted as tightly as possible too yet our income continues to run at mid 1980's levels - far below where we need to be.

But how can we slow down? With the need for balanced and biblical apologetics and spiritual warfare teaching being greater today than ever we simply can't stop. Every time I think about how much easier it would be to just give up and do something "conventional" I am convicted by the thousands of souls that have been saved from eternal Hell and the countless lives and families that God has used us to speak to on the issues effecting their lives. Most importantly, God has given both of us a calm and peace to just let our need be known and trust Him to then supply. And you know, His method to meet a faith ministry's needs is to supply through people just like you.

We need regular monthly partners and substantial one-time gifts right now to sustain this ministry. Please read the emails I have included below. As you will see, not everybody likes what we do. However, if you were looking for a reason to support Take A Stand! Ministries I think you'll find it in the fruit of people's lives being challenged and changed, souls won and Satan's deceptions being exposed.

To make a donation, click here.

Thanks so much and God bless you!

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Can an ex-Wiccan, Catholic and Mormon be Saved?
Dear Mr. Barger,

I just want to thank you for your website, and all of the information which you have compiled for the site. I can tell that you have obviously done your "homework" when it comes to the groups which you are addressing.

I have had a rather unorthodox road to Christianity; I became a Christian in 2001, when I was 26 years old. Before I gave my life to Christ, I was Wiccan, and when I started to seek Christ I joined the Catholic church (it was the only church I was familiar with). When I was saved, I knew that I had finally come to know the truth: Jesus Christ truly is our Lord and savior.

However, when I moved to Arizona two years ago, I was approached by Mormon missionaries who lived in our neighborhood, and made several Mormon friends. The more I got to know about the church, the more I felt that perhaps it was a good church, and since the missionaries and my friends answered all my questions to my satisfaction, I eventually agreed to be baptized.

It was only AFTER joining the church that I was apparently trusted enough to be told more of what I consider the "internal" doctrines of the church -- things that are obviously not a part of Christianity. I left the church, but still have missionaries coming to my house unannounced, and while I'm still friends with most of the people I got to know, I feel like they are making every attempt to bring me back into the church.

I am so concerned that I have denied Christ, and even though I am not involved in the LDS church any more and am currently attending a wonderful, Christ-centered Bible church, I am concerned that I had turned my back on Jesus. Is it possible to return to a true Christian church after joining the Mormon church? Is it possible to lose your salvation? These are questions which have been haunting me, and I have had no one to ask about them. I would be very grateful for any input you have on this issue, or any counsel that you might have the time to give me. I know you must be very busy, but if nothing else, I would like to thank you for following God's call in your life and making this information available to people. Reading the information on Mormonism on your site only convinced me further that I have made the correct choice, and it actually showed me how deep the deception of the LDS faith goes.

I thank you for your time, and I will be most grateful if you are able to reply to my e-mail. God bless you, your family, and your ministry. Your work is indeed good.


Eric Responds:


Greetings and many blessings!

I am blessed that you have found biblically based answers on our website. More so, I am so glad that you are getting free of the bondage of Wicca, Catholicism and Mormonism. Praise God!

I am so glad you wrote me. I want you to rest and trust that indeed, Christ paid the price for all of our sins and failures - yours and mine. His blood WAS enough Kristi. If indeed you have placed your trust in the biblical Jesus Christ (and at the same time have abandoned the false teaching and false "christ" of Mormonism, i.e. repented of your sins) then Kristi YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN!

Before getting soundly grounded in the truth of the Bible many folks examine or become part of other religions. Now that you have found a solid church home where you can grow in Christ and have recognized the errors of Mormonism you need to shut the accusatory mouth of the devil by rejecting his lie that you may have somehow cut yourself off from God by your short excursion into Mormonism. God is a loving Father who longs to grant forgiveness to "whosoever" calls to Him by faith. And while involvement in any cult group is serious stuff and should be dealt with, it certainly sounds as if you have done this and I praise God for it!

One note...I encourage you to verbally renounce any and all ties with Mormonism. You can surely do this by yourself, but I would be happy to speak with you and pray with you if you wish. Please feel free to call our number (214-289-5244). If you do not get an answer just leave a message and I will personally call you back.

I also encourage you to be cautious about having any contact with Mormons, Wiccans, etc, in particular any Mormon missionaries. Let's get you grounded in the Bible to know what you believe and why before you try talking to or debating the Mormons.

God bless you Kristi...please contact me as the Lord leads via either email or telephone.


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Delivered from Yu-Gi-Oh


I attend (name withheld) Center Church in (city withheld) Texas. Thank you so much on giving me the knowledge that I did not have before today. Today when my Husband and I got home from Church, our ten year old son threw all his Yu-Gi-Oh cards and movies away.

Thank you so much and God bless you!
Pam and Dwayne

The Price of Being a Witness

My Dear Brother in Christ,

I have just read your message on "witnessing", and agree, that the most of us come up in the "lacking" department, including myself. The message has given me a new perspective on being a witness.

I have seen great need in our "luke warm-entertainment generation" for the "Real Gospel to be preached, and it isn't happening. I'll certainly not preach to you, but just say again, that your messages are full of truth, and greatly needed today (even though they will not be well received by everyone.)

Please keep me in your prayers, and God bless.

Brother Billy

(Read Eric's article "The Price of Being a Witness" here.)

Faithful Servant

Eric Barger is a brave and faithful servant of the lord. He has helped pave the way for other true believers to come out and fight against Satan's hordes that threaten to devour our children.


You Are Insane!

I question your faith. I saw you at Northwest Christian Education Convention. I think you're completely insane!

Eric Responds:

Dear Writer,

Since you refuse to even identify yourself or give any reasons why you'd make such an off the wall statement I will assume that it is not I but you who has the problem. Are you (a) a cultist? (b) a liberal or (c) a Harry Potter fanatic?

When you want to be taken seriously, then write something that substantiates what you think. If you are a Christian you might start by opening your Bible to see how to biblically disagree with another Christian.


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Deeply Disturbed

Hey Barger,

I have a few questions for you. In your website, you state that Harry Potter is bonifide Witchcraft. If you could explain that, I would be delighted. The occult, real life magic, is based upon satan is it not? Harry Potter isn't. In fact, it's not based on any divine power like a god or demon. And be realistic. Real witches cannot possible blurb some magic words, wave a wand, and transform a rat into a goblet. If you think this is possible, then I am very concerned for you. Before you made this website, did you actually read the books? Do you even know what your talking about? I don't think you do. Never in my entire life have i read anything so rediculous as the ignorant information on your sight. I'm sorry for bashing you so, but i've had plenty of instances where i've had to actually defend my beliefs in Harry Potter since im a Christian. But i regret nothing i've written in this Email. Simply put, you must be ignorant and blind to obvious fact to consider that Harry Potter is the occult and therefore promotes real witchcraft. Are you bashing anything else? What about Huckleberry Finn? I could easily picture you saying that it promotes racism. I can also picture you saying that Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc are all the devil. But of course, i think the tooth fairy and Santa Clause are stupid and id never tell my children about those lies. But, i would let them read harry potter when they reach a mature enough age to discern from fact and fiction. Obviously, you haven't reached that maturity yet. I feel sorry for you. And to close, i leave your site feeling deeply disturbed at you view.


Eric Responds:


You really don't think I am offended by your comments do you?

I am so glad you are disturbed. I hope you are disturbed enough to study God's word on this issue.

No, many practicing occultists (those in witchcraft in particular) do not acknowledge Satan.

If you doubt the power of witchcraft then you obviously know NOTHING about it. (Ever seen a demon possessed person who was manifesting Lance? It'll make a believer out of you that witchcraft is no play thing and that there is NO SUCH THING as "white" magic.)

Since you are a Christian, please read - VERY CAREFULLY these two pages.



Is it just me or does no one else claiming to be a Christian understand how clear God's word is concerning His children advocating or participating in the promotion of witchcraft? (This includes being entertained by it.) Who cares how popular, well written or fascinating ANY book is. If the Bible forbids it and you care what God says then its up to you to avoid it.

Lance, I have been speaking internationally on the occult longer than you have been breathing. I don't mean that this fact should validate all I say but experience does speak volumes. You need to get your blinders off and read your Bible.


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