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"Now in our 24th year of standing for truth!"

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Eric & Melanie Barger

Ministry Update - December 29, 2006

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We are so grateful for another fruitful year of ministry. Thanks for your prayers and financial support to make it happen.

We estimate over 500 people received Christ through our efforts in 2006 - Praise God!!!

View a PowerPoint Slide Show about the ministry's 2006 activities here.

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Traveling nearly nonstop for the past three months has been somewhat grueling and each day seemed harder being away from my family so much. But the reward has been great as this Fall we've seen some awesome results with dozens and dozens of people saved at the meetings - well over 20 in just one night!

I have come home to a sort of administrative nightmare however. Since Melanie is pretty much consumed with the care of and personal affairs of her mother and father neither of us have had the necessary time and opportunity to tend to the administrative and clerical needs of the ministry. But with some effort and prayer we'll survive and everything will get done! I am staying off of the road for a time to attend to these matters as well as to research, plan, write and most importantly to spend some time with my family.

In a few weeks my traveling seminar and preaching ministry will pick back up to full speed but in the mean time we're counting on your support. Besides the added responsibilities of caring for our aging family members I am sure that you realize that it is imperative to take time to do the "behind the scenes" stuff and to keep the ministry moving exactly where the Lord wants it to go.

Will you please pray for us and consider making a special end-of-the-year gift to help us "KEEP STANDING" so we can accomplish the tasks at hand?

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Earth Worship and the Taliban?

By Eric Barger

Though they are far apart on almost every issue the array of earth worshipping New Agers and those who embrace the ideals of Afghanistan’s former radical Islamic government do have at least two things in common. First, they despise the tremendous freedoms we enjoy here in the USA, (in particular the Christian conservative element that ceaselessly works to maintain those freedoms) and second, they would love to take us back to permanently enjoy the technical advancements and human progress of about the 7th century and would do so if only they could. It is the latter that I want to comment on here. (continued)

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When the Watchtower Knocks
Quick tips in reaching the Jehovah's Witness at your door

By Eric Barger

Twice in recent days Jehovah's Witnesses have knocked on my door. Let me share with you an extremely powerful set of passages which refute the Watchtower's assertion that Jesus is an angel.

Revelation 1:8 calls God the Father "The Alpha and Omega; the First and Last" (JW's will say "Amen!")

Next, in Revelation 1:17-18 one calling Himself "The First and the Last" states "I was dead but now live" Hummmm...interesting. Now ask: "When did God die?" They will begin to look nervous.

Finally, go to Revelation 22:12-16. This passage speaks of judgment and again the speaker calls Himself "The Alpha and Omega - The First and the Last" in verse 13. Have them read the passage aloud through verse 16 using the King James Version or if they insist, their "New World Translation (the 1984 NWT that I have leaves these passages in tact).

One cannot divorce Rev 22:12-15 from verse 16 where Jesus clearly calls Himself "The Alpha and Omega; the First and Last." So, there are either two firsts and two lasts or Jesus is indeed equal to and one with Jehovah and not the angel named Michael!

Though they may argue or, as they have done with me in the past, even run from your door keep in mind that a thoughtful, loving and uncompromising presentation of truth may result in another soul rescued from Satan's grasp! This is the kind of work our ministry is doing each week. Allow me to challenge you to do the same as we all work towards the goal of seeing the lost set free from cultic error.

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