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"Discerning the Times in the Light of the Word"

Who We Are
What We Do!

Eric Barger (pronounced Bar-jer) spent nearly 20 years lost in the world as a secular musician, engineer and record producer. Following the lifestyle and mystic philosophy of the New Age Movement, while being addicted to drugs for over 14 years, his life nearly ended. Then, at the darkest moment, Jesus Christ brought him deliverance, peace and purpose! Now Eric confronts our society with a life-changing, biblically based message of challenge and hope.

The author of numerous books such as Disarming the Powers of Darkness, Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion, The Rock Music Rating System and the bestseller, From Rock To Rock. Eric has written for USA Today, The Christian Worldview Network, The Christian World Report and has been interviewed by hundreds of print and electronic media outlets, including Foxnews.com and Time magazine. He has been a featured guest on many Christian and secular programs such as:

"Truths That Transform" with Dr. D. James Kennedy
"Point of View" with Marlin Maddoux
"Southwest Radio Church"
"Understanding the Times" with Jan Markell
"Worldview Matters" with Brannon Howse
"Christ in Prophecy" with Dr. David Reagan
"Unraveling the New World Order with Dr. Larry Bates
"100 Huntley Street" with David Mainse
"A Call to Action" with Jay Sekulow (TBN)
"It's a New Day"
with Willard and Betty Thiesen

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy told his audience, "Everyone needs to read Eric Barger's insights."

Radio host and author, the late Marlin Maddoux called Eric "One of the utmost authorities on the Cults, the New Age and Rock Music today."

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After founding the ministry in 1983, Eric Barger began to develop the primary focus of the ministry which has become TAKE A STAND! Seminars. Traveling 200+ days each year, Eric has presented these seminars in churches (affiliated with more than 70 different evangelical denominations and groups) as well as in conferences and Christian schools across America and Canada.

TAKE A STAND! Seminars have consistently proven to be one of the most effective tools for evangelism, as well as for educating, informing and challenging the church today.

Presented in a uniquely personal, yet "no compromise" manner, Eric's multi-media messages are Biblically based, inter-denominational in doctrine and evangelically centered. The thoroughly documented material presented is designed to impact both Christians and those outside the church body. Whether through single church seminars or multi-church conferences, a lasting impact has been felt where these meetings have been presented.

Helping the church Take A Stand! on the issues
while reaching the world for Christ
is the heartbeat of Eric Barger!

Our Mission:
"To see the lost saved and the Church changed by the power of God!"

Attention Pastors,
Christian Leaders,
Concerned Lay-People!!

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Eric Barger - POB 1485 - Rowlett, TX 75030
(214) 289-5244

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Above all...EVANGELISM !

"Eric's sessions have been the best attended and highest rated of any that we have ever scheduled for the Conference. You’ll appreciate the factual, biblically based information and his ability to communicate it effectively" He'll be back at CWC again!" Daryl Bursch, Chairman
Christian Workers Conference,
Spokane, Washington


"It has been my privilege to have Eric Barger minister at Gospel Centre and at Northwest Bible College twice during the time that I was President there. Eric brings a much needed challenge to both the church and society today."
Pastor Marvin Dynna
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"I do not know of any ministry more needed in the church of America than Eric Barger's!"
Pastor Bob Gibbons
Brownsburg (Indianapolis), Indiana


"We have invited Eric to speak 14 times since 1987. I highly recommend his ministry."
Pastor Milton Hubbard
Chanute, Kansa

"Eric Barger has helped to open the eyes of many in our community to the influence of the 'New Age' within society. I am convinced that he will challenge your congregation."
Pastor Clayton Nordstrom
Trail, BC, Canad

"Eric's articulate presentation of carefully researched information is solidly based in Scripture and life-changing in its impact."
Pastor Jim Keys
Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Having had Eric minister for us four times in the past five years I can tell you that he is first and foremost dedicated to serve the Lord. Eric’s focus is to inform the church with information they aren’t getting elsewhere; his presentations are biblically based and his bottom line is to evangelize the lost. Don’t miss having him in your church."
Pastor Mike Jones
Florence, Kentucky

"Over the years we have had Eric at our church many times. We have always found his ministry to be balanced and to the point. He has helped our church stay focused and walk in the will of God."
Pastor Sam Buckinham
Mansfield, Washington