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Harry Potter in Your School?

August 31, 2000


There are many important things happening that I've been impressed to write about.

- End-time events such as the Religion Conference at the UN, which is nothing but a front for world government.

- Exciting news concerning my new book.

- A new pamphlet that Ed Decker (The God Makers) and I have authored chock full of practical information about witnessing to the Cults and New Age.

- A web site with some great devotionals that I'll be sharing in my next full newsletter.

- Each day we receive emails and calls from folks who need help, counsel and prayer. (Just this week I received a 12 page email from a saint in Florida.) We also have some great praise reports to share as well.

- And lastly, news about a cult and an associated web site that has attacked me, calling me a "wife abuser" (character assassination is the best they can do!).

- Thanks for your continued prayers for our daughter, Kellie. We have seen little improvement in her condition but are blessed to tell you that after all of the tests, spinal tap, MRI, CT Scan, etc., she has no major disease. We are now exploring Mycoplasma testing for her, that two of you on our email list suggested to us. Thanks so much!

HOWEVER...Due to the events surrounding my book (co-authored with David Benoit) I am simply limited to this email update until we can compile and work through all of the other topics which warrant writing on. Believe me, the news I'll be sharing about the book is thrilling to me. Thanks for your prayers and support as we work each day.


If you know about the Harry Potter book series and you read your Bible then you already understand how these children's books are a blatant advertisement for the occult. I'll be covering this more here online in the coming months. David Benoit and I have also included a large chapter on Potter in our upcoming book as well.

Our question for you today is: Do you know if Harry Potter books are first being allowed in your schools? And if so, are the being read from by teachers or students in classroom settings?

If the answer is "yes" we need to hear from you. In fact, any input you have about Harry Potter, positive or negative will be greatly appreciated. From our nearly 40 years of collective research on the occult, David and I believe that this may be one of Satan's most prolific attempts to condition and even hijack our kids into the occult kingdom. You may disagree with us but regardless, we'd love to hear from you - especially if you have knowledge of Harry Potter books being used in school settings or controversies surrounding the same.

You can also take our poll on Harry Potter on our home page at

Thanks so much and God Bless You today!

Eric Barger
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