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Email Update Nov. 28, 2000

Harry Potter and the Election

While adults are focused on the election outcome in Florida (and Ottawa, Canada), let's not forget what our kids are thinking about.

There is, without doubt, an assault on their minds and their spirits. There is, without doubt, a satanic war being waged for their souls.

It is up to us to be informed and then to pray and to act - to "Take A Stand" however we can. Their future and the effectiveness of the Kingdom of God hangs in the balance.

Here's the first of two installments on the blockbuster Harry Potter book series (excerpted from my new book with David Benoit), Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion.

If you are unfamiliar with Harry Potter you may be shocked that any scripturally-aware Christian could dare entertain thoughts that this series of books (soon-to-be-movies) is acceptable for us. However, some Christian leaders and publications who have endorsed the Potter series seem to be ignorant of both the Bible and its strong treatment of witchcraft and the acceptable atmosphere in our culture today concerning the occult.

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