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Email Update from Eric Barger March 16, 2001

Greetings and blessings!

It's been way too long since I updated you about the ministry.
However, that's a good sign because it means we are VERY

* David Benoit and I released our new book at the National
Religious Broadcasters Convention in Dallas in February! We
have been so blessed by the great reviews some of the first
readers of the book have given. If you are currently on our
POSTAL NEWSLETTER list watch your mail for more news
about the book, as well as a free gift that'll be coming your
way very soon.

* I ministered at the Mid Atlantic Christian Education Association
Convention in North Carolina - plus spoke in some great churches
in Tennessee and the Carolina's. We had a marvelous time and
God moved in an awesome way!

* I just shot three new videos ("The Occult Invasion of America:
Harry Potter, Pokémon and Hollywood", "Will the REAL Jesus
Please Stand Up?" and "The Rise, Fall and Redemption of America").
I'll be telling you more about these new videos taken right from
my TAKE A STAND! Seminar series later!

* Then the first week of March Melanie and I presented the new
seminars and ministry at the Houston "TEACH 2001" conference.
We made many new friends and saw the Lord restore several
hungry souls that had grown cold. What a blessing to serve Him.

* Now, we are heading for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for
three weeks of ministry including Spokane's great Christian
Workers Conference for our ninth visit since first joining them
back in the early days of our ministry. We are expecting God to
continue to extend new and unusual favor to us as we continue
doing His will for us.

If you are interested in bringing us to your local church or
community it only takes an email or phone call to get the ball rolling.
We'd love to discuss the possibilities with you anytime. (For more
information visit

I promise that after this next trip I'll update you and have some
"food" for you too. But for now, I just wanted to say..."We're still
here...Pray for us...Thanks for your financial support through your
gifts and orders of tapes and books (you can give much-needed
gifts of support online and also find many helpful materials in the
Bookstore on our website). Be sure to visit
again soon" !!!

May He shine brightly through you in these end-time hours!

Eric Barger
Take A Stand! Ministries

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